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3 years ago

Over the Last Year or so . . .

May 17th 2011 at 1:49 PM

Just noticed that it's been almost a year since I wrote that last article, man how time flys!

6-15-11 Update: Wanted to add a GREAT feeder program for you with a 4 x 4 matrix and Great Product Education and training tools:  AutoXTen.  This is in Pre-launch and has Gone Viral!!  Go Now, if you were ever on the fence about something - this is NOT the time.  This is a ONE TIME $10 program that could make you lots of $$$$.  (End of Update)

I still don't know it "all" and honestly I hope I never do - then it would just get boring, lol.  Not intimidated anymore, ah, can't quite say that because I still haven't done videos (of myself that is) and still don't really have the desire to?

As far as joining social networks, at last count (I think) I belong to about 7.  Hard to keep up sometimes but well worth being involved - have met Lots of really good people!  And YES I still belong to THE ATM (STILL Advise joining strongly).

As far as Text Exchanges, I don't even know how many, but I know it's over 30.  I absolutely can not keep up with those all, lol.  I do have favorites though.  I'd have to say Traffic Swirl is number one!  That is because of the people and the chat - it's actually relaxing.  John Bell is the owner/Admin and is always on top of things.  Another favorite for years would be Hitsboosterpro - again a very good Admin (Louise).  And another somewhat like that and with another Great Admin (Laura) would be High-Hits .  Sorry guys but Laura is the Fastest in responding to "support", lol.

As far as Programs that I belong to and would endorse - Instant Blog Subscribers is a Great program and it's Free.  It also comes with 200 subscribers!  Walt Bayliss owner/Admin is extremely hepful with training on Everything!  He's 15 hours ahead of me here in FL., in AU.  I once asked him if he'd made any mistakes recently as I'm a day behind and maybe I could fix them before they happen, lol.

Wow, didn't mean to go on and on like this but want others to benefit from my experience if at all possible.  These places will bring you good furtune.  But the best I've saved for last.  I have actually decided (after 3 years) to narrow everything down to one program that belongs to someone else, whilst I continue to work on my own site (not up yet).  When I get My Own site going I'll Let everyone know.  It's not a TE or social network, what it is, is a site for newbies mainly to help them avoid most if not all of the mistakes I made when I First started Affiliate Marketing!  A site I wish was on when I started!!!

OK, the One Program I'm going to endorse whole heartedly is ROI Unlimited.  I've done some major homework and reading on this and I believe it to be THE best opportunity out there.  That's a lot for me to say, as there are some great programs out there.  At first look I thought "ya right" and moved on.  Wish I hadn't - but I do not believe in coincidence.  As it turned out I joined with a Great Sponsor (someone like me, ha ha) who doesn't leave their referrals hanging.  We have a Great Team with Resources galore!  The benefits of ROI are lowest travel prices going - Guaranteed (now my husband has no excuses), and the Commission plan - Unheard of!!!  The entry/product price is @ 3 levels (choice).  The lowest choice is $250 - which is where I joined.  It may seem like a hefty ticket, but when I thought of ALL the money I've spent in the last 3 years on $37 - $47 - $89 (etc.) programs that went absolutely Nowhere , , , well it became a "no-brainer".

Check it out for yourself - do some investigating - Ask me what kind of support and training there is - even for the absolute Newbie!  It's Amazing.  Again, check it out!  It's only 4 months old and their last weeks payout was over $400,000.00 to their affiliates.  Ya that's One week's worth.

Let's all get out of this rat race!!



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