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Our Attitudes

Jan 11th 2011 at 6:29 AM

What kind of attitude do you have? It's amazing how so many people want to achieve success, but rarely possess a successful attitude. It's almost like you want to dig a hole but you have no shovel. Although a shovel is not necessarily needed to dig the hole, it would definitely make digging the hole a lot easier! Just as having a successful attitude would make it easier for you to become a success! Our attitude will determine our blessings, outcomes, and our everyday life in general. It also determines who we are and more importantly - who we will become! We will be tested on our attitude from time to time, but this will just determine how quickly we will get to our desired point in life. You see, our attitude is our posture and outlook on life. Attitude is a matter of thinking, acting, and disposition. Attitude is our thought life turned inside out. People can see what's in the inside of us on our outward appearance, expressions, and how we live our lives. That's where the saying comes from, "As a man thinketh, so is he..." You are not progressing and helping your situation by having a negative attitude. When you are being negative about your problems, it won't help the problem become solved. It only takes one person to be negative to completely turn around the outcome and the thinking of others, the environment, and the situation... but we need to be that one positive person to turn all of the negative around and inspire hope fro the positive results. Our attitude can hold us into bondage and keep us from our destiny, blessings, and the life of abundance that God wants us to have. Negative attitudes can be the blood clot in fresh flowing veins. If severe enough, blood clots can cut off blood flow to the heart and cause a complete shut down and be fatal. This same type of effect can happen in your life in terms of you attempting to accomplish your dreams. You could be cut off from them forever! It's easy to be down, be negative, or get depressed. But what comes out of being that way... NOTHING! Be positive and transform your way of thinking so that you may get positive and abundant results, outcome, and EVERYTHING THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR! Remember, it could and can always be worse and her is someone somewhere in a worse situation. OUR MINDS MAKES OUT HOW WE PERCEIVE SITUATIONS, THUS DETERMINING THE OUTCOME OF OUR SITUATION, LIFE, AND ALL OUTCOMES! Don't major in minors. Only focus on the things you can change, if you can't change the situation or the person, MOVE ON! God will take care of it! 5 ways to get rid of a bad attitude : 1.Understand there is always more good than bad. It always could be worse. 2.Always remember there is a reason. God takes us through certain things for us to get stronger so we may help someone else later. BE STRONG AND REMAIN FAITHFUL! 3.Keep it in perspective. How would God perceive it? Have a positive perception! 4.Make the adjustment when your attitude gets bad. When you are driving and you have the steering wheel in one position, when you approach a curve in the road you have to adjust the position of the steering wheel to accommodate the curve or you will run off the road. So you have to adjust your attitude when you approach curves in life. 5.Bless those who are cruel to you. It is always better to take the HIGH road. Always remember, GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN ME, THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD! Life will get hard sometimes, BUT you have to believe that something GOOD is going to happen to you! That's the only way you will not quit on your dreams! You have to call those things into existence as though they already were! Start believing today, whole-heartedly, that you have a Successful attitude and SUCCESS will eventually find you in your pursuit to ALL YOUR DREAMS! God Bless and Good Luck in your endeavors,

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