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Nov 9th 2015 at 3:41 AM

Mankind has come a long way from the Stone Ages. One of the biggest discoveries of humans was farming. This knowledge helped humans to develop socially. For the first time in their history, humans could settle down in one place because they did not have to roam around in search of food anymore. This helped them to make a base, settle down in one place and then develop it for the future. But this could not be done for a long time since in a few years, the fields would get depleted of their nutrients, the soil would lose its fertility value and eventually grow no more crops. So the whole settlement would get disturbed and move to a new place.

Soon, humans found out that this was a problem that could be fixed using some of the already available raw materials in the wild. The dead bodies of animals and wastes were then used as manure for the fields which helped replenish the nutritive elements in the soil. Thus, humans started developing this ground replenishing mix which later came to be known as organic fertilizers.

Fertilizers are found in abundance today. Many companies across the globe are making organic fertilizers that are fully developed for specific crops. Basically these fertilizers have the specific nutrients required by the crops that are when applied to the soil, do the job of properly feeding the crops.

The fertilizers are of two categories, i.e., organic and inorganic. Organic fertilizers are made from organic wastes such as animal waste, dead animals and plant waste such as dead leaves etc. Inorganic fertilizers are made from inorganic compounds that are usually synthesised.

These fertilizers are developed to the extent that they are almost magical in their performance. Crop yields get a huge boost from these fertilizers both in quality as well as quantity. Crops developed with the help of such fertilizers are proven to have more nutrition as they are healthy and free from any insects and pests.

Many companies have made a mark in the development of these modern age fertilizers. Usually their products are available all over the world from different sources. Many stores around the world make these products available to local farmers. Because of the intense competitive markets, even the pricing on these products are quite aggressive these days. Every company wants a bigger market share and hence they continually strive hard to make the best organic fertilizer products possible for the minimum prices so that they can stay well ahead of the competition.

There are many companies out there that have their own website and sell products directly to their customers through online transactions. This enables them to even further bring the prices down because of the absence of any middlemen. This also helps farmers considerably as they can save a lot of their hard earned cash. A simple Internet search can find you many such websites that directly sell organic fertilizers. You just need to find a company that has the products suited to your need and budget.

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Tommy Reddington is an expert in organic gardening techniques who also likes to write many articles and blogs, allowing people to adopt the best practices and techniques to make their backyards naturally grown and maintained. He recommends as the name to trust for organic fertilizers, biowash, pesticides and other natural gardening resources.

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