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Dec 17th 2012 at 10:58 PM

Playing basketball, every time to dive in the mind will have a "dream picture", it is the jump, this action will be like a wonderful lens in the NBA one jump, a wonderful action... Although never real wish, but can still feel suddenly "boundless imagination" pre order jordan 11good...
And this piece of the 2000 Olympic Games carter dunk across one of the pictures, is a long time in my mind the bounce of pronoun, this picture is to bounce limit, so that this piece of picture tension can let every time I see will take up the leg muscles.
Carter feet SHOX BB4, along with 2.13 meters across France center one hand split, the bounce memory picture...
"Marriage is like shoes, only the feet know happiness not happiness." This is an old saying, although some behind The Times, but its image and appropriate is self-evident. Hold the happy basic principle, the process of search and there are a few people have no hope, sweet, pain, doubt, and finally to tame ups and experience. Now you happiness? Let feet pre order bred 11tell you.Graduated, work together, married, honey, baby, I will let them know that the economy is applicable the male has told me that he fell in love with others. Introverted but don't neglect fashionable I choose this pair of serpentine fish ZuiSong cake wedge heel, he chaff said: "this shoe is specially designed for you, let you see, wood grain sponge cake bottom like it you rich fragrance of inner, natural and not make public, serpentine fish mouth cross tie spend shoe is your careful thinking and independence road opinion, graceful and restrained and not fawn on common, a small round bag to reveal considerate and kind, and shoe buckle the small pendant for inside collect pre order bred 11sby added a little little movement..."
He wears prada do a sorrow of a woman is not my wish, however, when I take off my wedge heel put on this kind of ultra-high with contracted feelings Roman shoes were with him appeared in the flash, but the heart is unable to interpretation of negative tired feeling, at that moment I suddenly understood that this is not my happiness stage. Simple cross tie very natural terrain fishes mouth, and the maximum show instep and toes, crus lines stretched at the same time with a small sexy. Non-slip bottom is waterproof table and ultra high with the weight of safety. jordan 11 bred 2012 pre orderHead layer cowhide texture and calm and steady and expensive gas.
The happiness of the road can only depend on oneself go, said a woman's desire and her heel height is proportional to the happiness, looking for the way I need to unload all desires, rethink my happiness in the left or right, flat bottom shoe revert to my life. OuBan debutante platform shoes, ancient Rome feelings and sponge cake bottom with fashion, as if in recounting a through time and space, sweet love gives fully in spicy pretentious. Even if the hidden in the crowd also wipe not to it detailed manual embroidery and thick sponge cake bottom to your self-esteem brings psychological height.The said a woman either read or travel, in a word, the heart bred 11 pre orderand body have a in the way. I also want to give yourself the feelings of the world a gray color, orange, yellow, green, red, stripe, flowers, a fell in love with it. Put on this colorful Bohemian wedge heel, match a elegant skirt, or through the strange old streets, or enjoy the afternoon coffee and the joy of reading body and heart and full on the way.

The heart after a, if everything can start again? Strong heart, swaying posture is not afraid of any height, my sweet, I decide. Shake shoes, can increase 9% hip activities, 19% thigh muscle activity, activate the muscles of the body is ignored, this is the shoes? I think it more like childhood small larry, swing retrieves the bowknot girl feelings, let a smile as time write inpre order bred 11s 2012 an ornate style, and I also became the rocking chair that his baby.The happiness is not just two things, home to meet parents-in-law I put on my small wedges beaded bowknot single shoes. The mother-in-law is a wen wan, off the coast of small hotel do she like fairy tale home, I was her choice is natural pure, gentle and quiet lady's daughter-in-law the best candidate, and her husband's accidental encounter then quietly happened. The husband said, "you're so beautiful daughter-in-law linen coarse unlined upper garment to wear in the body are XianEr, deserve to go up again the rural lady shoes, I'm afraid of be jealous mom to your love!"

does not experience the baptism of the rain does not seem to feel the true meaning of happiness the understanding, through the wind, understand the big and tall mountains, after the rain, see the rainbow enchanting. Wear a pair of contrast color Bohemian amorous order bred 11s onlinefeelings cool slippers, enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, happy passion. Ankle a little woman fills dahlia will either and Bohemian the different region amorous feelings of incisively and vividly. So, awoke, happy feeling is not repeats ideas, not up a row, but suitable for their own is the best.

The toe of the grinding old processing not only avoid the toe scratches and influence of beautiful shoes, also bring a don't have taste s feeling and art breath. Waxy kraft waterproof and moistureproof, easy to do. Button loops ornament in tan and between rabbit hair, hale and hearty and charm with.He felt not enough field not imposing manner, put on waterproof table high-heeled shoes to try. After the ascent from the sole of hisbuy bred 11s online foot up confidence enough to incredible, this is the charm of high heels, the reason and principle, and no one can clear. Light wrappers and suede leather form contrast, pure color can also have rich administrative levels. Black is commonly used color, brick red is this season fashion colour, both should have.

Most of the girls have qi body cold problem, arrived in the winter feet like ice, choose a pair of warm the good cool grey 9performance of snow boots to feet warm it. Non-slip rubber thick bottom, wear-resisting good wear. Waterproof processing vamp, need not worry about being wet. Hot drill tassel and rabbit hair mutual set off, his legs to fine foil.The suede leather a rabbit hair ornament, immediately vivid many, as if some condensed the spiritual. Be able to bear or endure dirty and joker yellow brown, is the first choice of winter boots. Wedge design, effective his leg. Moderate boots, and render pants or feet jeans can match.The modelling of itsbred 11s price unique non-slip soles let has always been low-key ordinary black rubber sole also thoroughly western style once, even the sole have so much work that the quality of the shoes is obvious. Rich warm wine red, is popular this season, no matter how collocation is inseparable from the noble and elegant.

The black and white ash three color gradient of rabbit hair ornament, from shallow to deep and shoe body black be in harmony is an organic whole. Shiny metal buckle and pale yellow goose sole photograph echo, avoid the sudden move of sole. Coarse grain high heel, and overshadowed by tide restoring ancient ways is happen to coincide.The easy rabbit fur boots in the ornament, fur boots set and boots itself is an organic whole, convenient and practical. Wedge design, natural and graceful, meet the tireless efforts posture tall girl. Ethnic flavor metal chain hiding in between PI cao, increase the nobility and costly feeling.Euro toe splicing light wrappers of cape holder shoes type is Europe and the star mark sheet is tasted, novel and chic, and conform to the big temperament. Soft rabbit hair is a delicate touch, for the handsome thick with and gentleman wind shoes type smooth add charm and gorgeous feeling. The degree of control accuracy in place, will not kill that a partial female neutral.

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