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Online Surveys --- Scams or Not

Mar 27th 2012 at 10:34 AM

You've seen the online survey scam ads that says something like "Earn $140 per week! Earn $560 a week! Earn $6,270 a year! All by just sitting home, sipping coffee, and filling out surveys."

Is this too good to be true?  YES.  Although their are a few companies that are willing to pay for market research by using online surveys, you will never make the kind of money the "scam" survey sites clam.

How do you spot an online survey "scam" program?
(1) If they promise you quick money for little effort, its a scam.
(2) If they claim that you only need to spend a few minutes each day and you'll earn BIG money, its a scam.
(3) If they require that you have to pay to learn how to do this, its a scam.

The online survey scammers goals are to get thousands of people paying them, for whatever amount they charge, for the info. on where and how to find companies that pay for online surveys.  This would be OK if they actually delivered what they promised.  But the vast majority of these paid to join online survey sites are worthless and give you  lists of online survey sites that you could have joined for free, to start with.

You may be thinking, "I'll just go online and find a site that ranks paid survey sites, and that way I'll find the best legitimate online survey sites."  Sounds good, but unfortunately many of these "ranking" sites may actually be middlemen who are paid commissions by both the "scam" and legitimate survey sites for referrals. Often, whoever pays the most to the ranking site gets the highest rating, making the online survey sites they rank high, not necessarily legitimate or reliable.

Are there legitimate online survey sites?  YES, but it's almost impossible to find them.  The last time I did a Google search for online survey sites, it came up with over 77 million links.  In fact is that I did find some legitimate online survey sites and even joined 8 of them, when I first started trying to make money online.  Now I am a member on only one online survey site -- PandaResearch. 

Why PandaResearch?  First it is was FREE to join, I do not have to go to their website to see the new online surveys they offer, and they paid more money for the same exact survey that the other 7 sites offered.  They send me an email (approx. 3 per day) of the new online surveys they have and they will pay me  (between .01 to .15) just to look at what the survey is about, tells me how much time the survey should take, and what the survey pays.  This way I can earn a little money every time I open their emails, even if I decide not take the survey they are offering.

Why did I quite the other 7 online survey sites?  Because they all required that you complete a certain number of online surveys each month to stay a member, PandaResearch does not.  Plus the fact, most legitimate online survey sites offer the same surveys and you can only take the same survey once to get paid.  And many of these surveys are are quite long, which means they take time to fill out and normally you are only offered 1 to 3 different surveys (on a good day) that you can take.  Since PandaResearch pays the higher earnings per survey, why do the same survey for less at another site.

So how much can you realistically expect to earn doing online surveys?  When I first started filling out online surveys, I did every surveys that I was offered for two complete weeks, from all 8 survey sites.  I just want to see how much I would be earning filling out online surveys.  The results?  I earned about $44.

How much time did I spend to earn this $44?  I spent approx. 4 hours per day x 10 days = 40 hours, which means I was making only $1.10 an hour!   This is why you cannot buy into the scammers hype that you can make thousands of dollars a month just doing online surveys.  I now know that there are lots of better ways to earn money working at home (see below). 

Most people WANT to believe what they read about online surveys to be true, but the "hype" about online surveys are at best not realistic.  Yes, you definitely can earn money on the Internet working at home and many people (like me) do this very successfully.  But not by doing online surveys, stuffing envelopes, typing in forms, clicking on PTC ads, reading emails, or doing medical transcriptions.

Now, I'll probably get a lot of comments telling me that I am wrong.  But remember I did the online surveys, clicking on PTC ads, and stuffing envelopes when I first started and I know that what I am writting about online surveys is correct.

My advice is to invest your money and your time into a MUCH BETTER and EASIER legitimate make money at home MLM program like ZeekRewards (for more detail information on ZeekRewards see my  blog posts at

Your Friend,
Philip Reitcheck

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