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Online Marketing Tools All Marketers Need

Mar 27th 2012 at 10:47 AM

So you want to become a online marketing pro so you can earn the big bucks, like the Internet "gurus" you hear about on the Internet or follow on all those webinars you attend.

Well like any business, and yes online marketing is part of your MLM business, you need the right online marketing tools if you want to succeed in the MLM game.

And here you thought they earned all this money online by chance or luck....  Sorry but nobody earns big money online by chance or luck. Online marketing pros always use a "set" plan in marketing their online income opportunities or products.

What are the tools most serious MLM marketers use?

  • Email Auto Responders
  • Capture Page Creators
  • Tracking Links
  • Online Payment Processor (if you are selling your own products)
  • Backlink Builders
  • Google Keyword Tool
  • Web Site Rotators
  • Video's
  • Webinar Software

So how do most professional MLM marketing "gurus" market their online income opportunities or products....

(1) They join a "legitimate" online affiliate opportunity (business) (example- ZeekRewards)  that they are passionate about.  Something they really like and they personally use, because if they are not passionate about a affiliate opportunity, then nobody else will be either.  Or they create their own product to sell or sell someone elses product -- an e-book from ClickBank for example.

(2) They then create their own custom capture page for the affiliate business using a capture page generator, like the one found at ISORegister.  Professional MLM marketers never use the stock capture pages that a online affiliate program provides its affiliates, but always create their own capture pages. Why, because how can you expect your page to standout if you are using the same capture page that all the other thousands of fellow affiliates are using?

(3) They join an email auto responder like GetResponse and set up an email auto responder campaign for their new capture page.  This way when people visit (land) on their capture page, they can fill in their name & email address to request additional information about the affiliate program.  The auto responder will then automatically start sending pre-written emails to these people (customers).  Also the auto responder will store the names and email addresses (called a list) so you can market to these same people over and over again. You have heard the saying "the money is in the list", well these are the lists they are talking about.

(4) If they are selliing a product outright (not a affiliate business), then they will need a online payment processor like AlertPay or ClickBank, that has a BUY IT NOW button that they can put on their capture pages or follow up auto responder emails, so they can collect their money.

(5) Now they plan on how and where to advertise their capture pages.  Most professional MLM marketers use PPC like Microsoft AdWords, classified ads, blogs, and/or articles has their sources for traffic.  But before they write their first ad, article, or blog most use Google AdWords to find the "golden nugget" keywords (SEO) to use in their ad, article, and/or blog that will allow them the best change to rank highest on the search engines.  This gives them a better chance to generate the most traffic to their capture pages.

(6) They also put in tracking ids on their capture page ads URL's, like the ones found at ISORegister, so they can see (track) what advertising sources is generating the most traffic to their capture page and what advertising sources are getting them the most sign ups or purchases.  This way they know where to concentrate most of their advertising at.

(7) If they are using blogging (and most professional MLM marketers do) they also use a backlink builder like SocialMonkee to create back links to their blogs, which also increases their ranking on search engines, which increases their traffic to their blog and capture page URL's that are linked on their blogs.

(8) Some professional MLM marketers even go as far as creating more than one capture page and then use a rotator, like the one found at ISORegister.  This allows them a way to rotate their capture pages using one URL link, so different people (customers) will see a different capture page each time they click on their URL link.

(9) Of course any professional MLM marketer worth their salt, will always include "videos" in their capture pages.  As this is one of the best ways to grab attention to your capture page affiliate offer, auto responder emails, or the product you are selling.

(10) Then there are online webinars, like the one offered at WowWe.  What better way to market to your auto responder list (customers) than with a online webinar.  Giving you the ability to both speak about and show your affiliate offer or product to everybody on your list(s) at the some time.  Plus it gives your list (customers) a chance to ask any questions they might have about your affiliate offer or product.

Of course all the best and greatest marketing tools in the world are worthless to you if you do not know how to use them.  This is why you need training on the correct way to use them.  And the best training you can get is from someone who already knows how to market correctly, like a multi-millionaire marketing "guru".  This is why I recommend Paul Birdsall's My Partner In Profit (MyPIP for short) as it is the best one I have ever found on the web that is "geared" to marketing "newbies".

MyPIP is where I learn about most of these online marketing tools, as even I was a newbie at one time.

Your friend,
Philip Reitcheck

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