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Oct 4th 2013 at 2:57 PM

For any business to succeed in the market, it has to have a few functions that work like clockwork. Functions that can be duplicated by franchises and functions that are dynamic and respond well to positive adjustment. One such function should be the marketing system. Marketing systems are an important part of a business. Perhaps even more important than the production itself. Without the proper marketing systems, businesses would crumble. It is nearly impossible to maintain good profit margins if you do not have a system that consistently works to ensure that this happens. Here are some benefits of formulating and implementing good marketing systems.

1. Efficiency
An efficient marketing system ensures that the other functions such as distribution and production stay at a low cost. We all know that the consumer bears the cost, this is how businesses make money. In order to keep that cost bearable, a business must have an efficient marketing system that doesn't require additional costs being added on to the end product in order to sustain the business. This can only be achieved by having a functional and efficient marketing system that consistently brings in good business and does so at a minimal cost.

2. Price stabilization and standardization
Having an efficient marketing systems helps industries standardize prizes for the goods and services they sell. A fluctuating market can only be offset by radical prizes that are not standard. To avoid this, marketing systems have to be put into place. Systems that work to ensure that the production and distribution costs do not fluctuate too much thus affecting the product prizes.

3. Job Creation
Nearly a third of everyone that is gainfully employed is the marketing sector. It is perhaps the most competitive and yet readily available job anyone can get. It takes some learning and a considerable amount of skill to be a great marketer. But as far as readily available employment is concerned, marketing is one of the best fields to venture into. This is only made possible by the many marketing systems that have been put into place by the various companies around the world.

Perhaps the most important benefit of having a functional and efficient marketing system is the fact that you will have some time to concentrate on other aspects of your business such as production, distribution and community service. This can only be possible if the marketing bit of your business is functional, otherwise your losing money will make everything else null and void.

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