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Online Business Model

May 31st 2012 at 8:47 AM

Many of us have spent years online trying to build an online business. How many have suceeded? Unfortunately, we had spent more money online than we had made.

We bought every magic software, tell-all eBook, turn-key system, wonder tool, underground network and what-have-you that came our way. But thse were all craps, scams which ripped us off. After collecting our money, these Gurus will give us some rehashed out of date garbages, or half baked systems. Your requests for assistance are met with indifferent responses, or worse still, sometimes none.

On the other extreme, you are sometimes bombarded with tons of uncesssary information but without clear explanation or detailed instructions. It would then be followed by series of emails to urge you purchase more tools, join more membership websites, etc. If you didn't follow suit, these Gurus will accuse you of "not taking actions" and hence not deserve to have success.

But the truth is the more actions you take the more you will lose.

Our failure lies in ourselves, we expect every thing to be ready made and hand to us on a plate. That should not be the case, we should build our own business from the ground up on our own, following a model. This model should be very inexpensive or even free.

You might not realize, you have learned all there is to learn about internet marketing. The only thing is you have not learn to put the pieces together to make them work for you.The Gurus who sold you the many systems inserted many unwanted details to mislead you into the wrong tracks so that you will be going in circles or got stuck at certain stage.They will mention the vital information as if they are unimportant points, therefore most people will over look them. You will chase after useless points instead, how smart these Gurus!

Stop chasing after the one click wonder system. If it ever existed our nation would have come to a stand still because nobody will need to work any more, everyone has become the monster with the giant index finger!

Many of these Gurus have disappeared from the internet these days, they know they would be exposed sooner or later. Try searching the social media websites, you wouln't find them there. They live off their established lists. They don't need Facebook, Google+ and the like.

But beware there is a new wave of Gurus. Many of them are still kids when I was already online for many years. The joke is they copied and paste in their slaes letters some of the thing I posted on the internet before and send them back in their emails to me!

Enough said. Grab the free eBook from me and use it as a basic model to get started. I must warn you in advance, don't ignore it just because of its simplicity. It is a working model. All the hype about traffics, SEO, killer products and fantastic affiliate offers are all a waste of time without a model to carry them in. How well this model works will depend on what stuff you put in, who you bring it to, and your other efforts. We will discuss about them if you join my news letter.

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Online Business Basic Model

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