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One Year BannersBroker Update

Apr 29th 2013 at 1:48 PM

My BannersBroker business reached my first year anniversary on April 17th, 2013 and here is my update on how my BannersBroker online business has done.

First I am very glade that I did not listen to all those so called "MLM experts?" that have been, over the last 2 years, blogging or describing BannersBroker, as a "scam" or "Ponzi scheme" or a HYIP or a MLM program.  Hell some of these same so called "experts?' even predicted that BannersBroker would be "out of business" or "closed down" by, you name the date.

Boy these so called "experts?" could not have been more WRONG about BannersBroker it they tried.  How do I now know this?  Because the OSC (Ontario Security Commission) e.k.a the Canadian government, has been asked to audit BannersBroker on April 1, 2013.  And if BannersBroker was a scam or Ponzi scheme you can be assured that the Canadian government would have shut it down by now....  So what do these so called "MLM experts?" have to say now?

Now I do not want you to believe that everything concerning BannersBroker has be "ROSY" over that last year, as it has not.  They have had to change to new computer servers once and have lost their MasterCard debit card system (thanks mainly to all the bad press caused by these same "idiot" blogger's I mentioned above).  Because of the lost of the MasterCard debit card system, they are currently having a tough time in getting withdraws payouts to affiliates.  But I am not worried about it as BannersBroker IS slowly getting the withdraw payouts out all its affiliates using STP and Payza as we speak.  And I am sure BannersBroker will find a new withdraw system in the near future, to replace the old MasterCard debit card system.

But enough about the "mudslingers" who do not know what they were talking about.  When it comes to my BannersBroker account here is how it stands as of today:
Started with $500 on 4/17/2012
Total Panels- $30,420
Total Earnings- $26,235.80
eWallet Balance- $1,914.19 (about time to make another withdraw)
Total Withdraws to-date-  $4,683.06
Total Active Referrals-  6

And here is how my wife's account stands as of today:
Started with $350 on 7/7/2013
Total Panels- $11,220
Total Earnings- $8,744.11
eWallet Balance- $421.44
Total Withdraws to-date- $188.00
Total Active Referrals- 0

As you can see, having a few referrals does make a big difference on how fast your BannersBroker account (business) will grow.  But as you can also see (by my wife's account) you can still make money without referrals, it will just take you longer.

Now, BEFORE you start thinking that you will just jump into BannersBroker and start making money, hand over fist, there is something I must tell you.  BannersBroker IS NOT FOR EVERBODY!!!!! Do not join BannersBroker if you:
(1. Are not very experienced with using computer tools or the Internet.
(2. Do not have the time or not willing to spend the time learning how to manage a BB account (business).
(3. Do not have the patience or time to slowly build your BB account (business).
(4. Cannot follow instructions and/or find it hard to understand complicated strategies.
(5. Get "weak in the knees" every time there are changes to your online businesses.
(6. Have never taken an online business seriously before.

IF ANY OF THE ABOVE SIX ITEMS DESCRIBES YOU--------DO NOT JOIN BANNERSBROKER------, as these items will either STOP you from earning money or cause you to lose HOPE while you are building your BannersBroker business.  And both will causing you will quite....

Now if you do decide to join my BannersBroker team and you can "truthfully" state that none of the six items above describes you, than YES BannersBroker just might be the online income program for you.  And as a member of my team I am willing to help teach you get your BannersBroker business up and running.

But remember, the only way you lose money with BannersBroker is by YOUR lack of action, not because of the BannersBroker online business model.....

Your Friend,
Philip Reitcheck


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