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One Piece Social Game

May 15th 2015 at 12:10 AM

As someone generally unfamiliar with both browser-based games and One Piece, this was an odd thing for me to play – I didn’t quite know what to expect, especially in how it might differ from more “traditional” console gaming. While it turned out to be along the lines of what I expected, the discrepancies are merely glaring faults with this game.
This web site is:JOYGAMES


one piece online

After logging in, you have the option to choose one of six character classes – summoner, swordwoman (unfortunately, while it actually says “swordwomen,” it’s only one person), magician, swordman, gunner, and archer. I chose the derpy “swordman,” named him Jebediah, and began my bizarre adventure.
And as you can see from the bar above the game screen, you are always having a few things pushed in your face – a link to the Facebook page, a link to “Top up” (aka micro-transactions), and more. If you log on from the main site, you’ll come across this, but if you log in with the link at the end of this post, you can avoid it.
After entering the game, you’ll be greeted by two things – an introduction area with several characters involved in the first quests, and some awful English. As one example, this is what the login message said – “Welcome to One Piece World! Get your dream and become King of Pirates; Recruit crew as much as possible; Playing too long is not good for your health; Enjoy your Healthy Life!” Besides this, the dialogue is incomprehensible much of the time, explanations are difficult to understand… it’s bad. I can certainly understand that everyone isn’t going to write and speak in perfect fluent English, but when you’re releasing a game exclusively in English, you need to at least make sure it’s understandable.As with any other RPG, the team can be equipped with armor, although it can also be temporarily “enhanced.” I didn’t play long enough to notice the advantages of this, as everything was so easy that I didn’t even need to think about it. In fact, it would have been a waste of precious energy to think about it, because all battling happens automatically.
Do you like One Piece? Do you not consider yourself a masochist? Have you ever wondered what makes video games fun? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you may want to tread carefully from here on out.
This game is called Anime Pirates, also referred to as “One Piece Online.” I played the game twice, for about an hour each time, and I left each session with a literal headache.
Ignoring the terrible English, I think all of the quest related characters originate from One Piece – I do remember that Luffy showed up for some unexplained reason towards the end of my session. Unfortunately, the quests are probably the worst part of the game. In order to complete quests, you do not need to manually walk anywhere, you do not need to manually fight opponents, you do not need to do much of anything on your own.
As you can see, there is a “Click for auto” command. By clicking on the green text next to the arrow, you will automatically walk wherever you need to go for the next quest. Of course, this is bugged in this very first level, because while it says at this point that I was supposed to go to Captain Jack, he has nothing to say when I talk to him. Ace on the other hand, who has an exclamation point above his head, does have the next quest for me.
Who will be the winner? It's up to you! Please click one piece game to know more!

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