One Piece Online Faces 300 Different Instances

May 21st 2015 at 3:03 AM

Another One Piece game join the fray. Now before you go thinking it's another Pockie Ninja clone. It's not it's a tower defense ARPG. Keeps things simple and to the point. You follow (loosely) the One Piece story. Fighting various enemies from the show. In most cases it's defend your flag mode fighting. But some special boss fights are one on one brawls. One more thing I enjoy in this game. Is the characters seem very easy and fun to pick up. Yes cash shopping epic characters exist. But very Iconic characters in the series. Are not that hard to get. So that may keep fans interested longer in the game.
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one piece online

While the locations are dull, combat itself is enjoyable. Every character uses unique weapons and combos. Trying to master swordsman Zoro's samurai moves is entirely different from cyborg Frankie's cannonballs and lasers--you can't fall into using the same attack patterns for every character, which forces you to learn and adapt. To help you learn each character's moves, a list of combos is displayed in every battle. Execute each one, and you'll enter a "rush mode," dealing out heavier damage for a limited time. A new list of combos is then displayed--this pushes you to try out new attacks in battle without being bogged down with tutorials and strings of button inputs.
One Piece Online is a simple game. But that some times fools a lot of people. Just because something is simple to understand. Doesn't mean it's easy to progress in. This video I basically break it down. I'll show you how to get ahead early in the game.
Like with most of these types of games it takes patience. You build resources, in this case the resource in beli. This is the currency of the game. Use that to then go and upgrade your characters stats
Normal Base Stats
Having max stats characters is a priority more in this game. Because you don't have much or any loot to get. It's all raw stats and titles. Also quite frankly having strong characters from the Tavern. That can come down to luck and money if you pay for it.
PVP prestige leveling
One last tip I can give you is go slow in pvp. Don't rush up to the top. Because your main characters title and skill level off of prestige. That can be won in pvp. So if you rush to the top and can't level?
Who will be the winner? It's up to you! Please click one piece online to know more!

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