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One of the secrets of success is:

Jan 22nd 2011 at 11:00 AM

As Todd Falcone says:

“Proper application of the right activities on a daily basis will produce consistent results.”

What he means it that keeping busy with your business is NOT what makes you successful.

Being productive in your business activities is the only thing that will do that..

Have you ever wondered why the most successful people seem to be able to spend the least time on their businesses? The reason is that they have learned the art of being productive (and they are earning enough to be able to outsource or employ people to undertake the tasks that are least productive of their own time).

When you are starting out and can’t yet afford to outsource or employ people to do the less productive things that are required to keep your business healthy, it is imperative that you prioritise your time effectively.

Consider what tasks are the most productive for your particular business and then make sure that you carry those out daily, track yourself to ensure that you are undertaking these money making tasks effectively, ie at the appropriate times, (for example you don’t want to be calling people at dinner time or when it’s too late and they may be thinking about going to bed or already sleeping).

Now consider which of the tasks are necessary for running your business smoothly but are not immediately productive (this would be things like preparing training for your team, writing blog posts, maybe adding letters to your auto-responder) and then plan to carry out these tasks during the time you have available when it is not appropriate to be calling your prospects.

This will ensure that you manage your available time most effectively, no matter how little time that you have available to you each day.

Make a list of all of the tasks required to run your business effectively, give each of those tasks a weight as to it’s importance in producing the income and lifestyle that you want, prioritise them by order of weighting and then look at the time that you realistically have available to you each day and set aside an allocated amount of time to spend on each task within the time frame that you have worked out for yourself.

You will see results this way, positive ones that lead you closer to the lifestyle you are dreaming of.

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