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3 years ago

One of the EASIEST and Lucrative Home based Business's

Sep 4th 2010 at 11:41 AM

The growth of home based m`oney m`aking opportunities has had it's
own share of advantages and disadvantages.  First off, if you are
one of those people looking to establish a steady source of income,
or you simply want to generate extra income, then home based work
opportunities will provide the answer for you.  However, the
increasing number of w`ork at home offers has made it seemingly
impossible to identify which ones offer a valid earning opportunity.

Global Domains International is among the elite of those hyped up
home based business opportunities.  However, many are reluctant to
jump into the program in fear of the possibilities of scam.

About Global Domains International or "GDI".

If you are looking for a source of income, then you've probably
heard of Global Domains International.  It is basically a web
hosting service company but they also offer a few other programs
that make earning possible.  For instance, they offer an affiliate
program that has enabled many others to earn extra income.

For those who are interested to join the company, they offer a free
7-day trial to see how you can build an income through the company.

This is an essential part of their plan as it allows the average
skeptical person to get to try everything out, 100% risk free.

Aside from that, you can also join a contest where your earning
opportunity is further expanded by offering incentives whenever you
refer five people into the company.  You can earn as much as $100
for every 5 people you refer in.  This is on top of the commissions
you can earn monthly from each of your referrals.

It sounds ludicrous that the company could pay out MORE than it
makes in a month for those 5 members...but their history shows that
the average person stays in GDI for along the company can
afford to pay a little extra at the beginning.

There are also different levels to your earnings through the
referrals.  Therefore, you can earn from each person you refer into
the program and all the people they refer as well. (up to 6 levels

Who's Behind the Company?

There are basically two men behind GDI - Mike Reed and Alan Ezeir.
These two men saw the opportunity to start up a successful business
over the internet.  After thorough research, they finally found the
right domain suffix for their company that is easy to market.  In
only nine months since the company website was officially launched,
it has earned vast success from the online business community. (and
has since helped many thousands of people to earn income online)

In fact, it has been recognized as one of the top internet
companies.  Today, the company remains dedicated to delivering
services that has helped several people earn a steady stream of

Web Hosting Services

Global Domains International offers anyone who is interested the
ability to partake in various internet marketing systems.
Each of these systems has their own specific ways of earning
income.  In the hosting systems, you will basically invite people to
join into the GDI network.  There are several ways to ask people to
look at the program.
(By the way - our team & system specializes in how to "attract"
people online...we don't focus on the old school "friends & family"

For instance, you can offer them f.ree w.ebsites if you opt to host
with GDI.  While others enable you to join an affiliate program that
lets you earn commissions by hosting.  Considering the many people
whom you can refer, and those that your referrer will convince to
opt-in to the program, you can earn a reliable income out of the
commissions alone.

There are also autoresponder systems for GDI, which is the core of
most internet marketing systems.  If you want to become a successful
online marketer, you must have an autoresponder.  This will enable
you to gather a mailing list so you can send out emails to various
people.  By following up closely on these mailings, you can convert
subscribers into actual paying members.
(much more detail on this contained in the training in our team

Earning Opportunities from GDI

In general, GDI offers you two ways to earn: via the multiple level
compensation and bonuses.

Once you opt-in for GDI, you will begin referring people to join the
(Don't's all 100% automatic through our team system!)

With each person you refer in, they will also making their own
referrals.  Then, the process will branch out until you have reached
multiple levels of referrals.  You will earn incentives for each of
the people you referred and all they refer thereafter.  You can
benefit until the 5th level and you can ensure that your
compensation will continue to flow in.
(and if you're ambitious, you can get paid for infinite levels deep
if you achieve the goal of hitting the GDI infinity bonus)

Choosing the Best GDI Marketing System

Whichever marketing system you choose, the earning possibilities are
there. (but all systems are not equal)
The majority of your success will be based on two factors:

1) How much you aspire to learn
2) How much action you are willing to dedicate into the system.
Some systems require more time and attention from you in order to
produce results, while others are more independent sources.
I used to work in MLM and the one thing that I could not stand was the feeling that I was chasing people down,or looking for the right opportunity in a conversation to try an pitch myself. I HATED THIS.GDI has automated the enrollment/sales process so you
NEVER have to chase anyone.


Bradley D Gardner

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