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One Company Has Solved Attrition Has Yours?

Jan 15th 2011 at 7:24 AM


As many of you know the Attrition Rate in internet marketing, mlm, home based business is 97%. There are many reasons for this but the bottom line is that statistic is a reality. A reality that no one has ever had an answer for. That is until now. Mark Seyforth is setting the internet on its ear. He has changed it forever. You can be a part of it. He has developed a compensation plan designed so people stick and stay. They have no reason to ever leave and in fact would be crazy to leave. Take a few minutes of your day to find out and you will be amazed, intrigued and most importantly you will want to find out how to be a part of the greatest new company to ever be launched. Go to my site watch the videos, google Mark Seyforth he has been in this industry for over 35 years you cannot find a bad thing written about him.  How many people and companies can say this.  You can find complaints about just about everyone even the stores you go to regularly and have complete trust in.


Enter One24 an Incentivized Referral Plan. It is really very simple and you have to wonder after 30-40 years of direct sales why it took so long to understand this. If you take care of everyone then why would anyone ever leave? Mark Seyforth is turning this industry on its ear so to speak. With One24 everyone gets paid 50% yes 50% of all profit goes directly back to the PC’s (preferred customers) not to corporate back to the backbone of the company. You get what he calls green tickets 24 of them one for every month for the next 2 years to use to refer somebody into the company. Just one a month everyone else goes on the waiting list to wait for a green ticket to become available. This encourages team work. So when you have somebody on your waiting list but the guy down from you does not you pass that person down. Why to help him out. Again you might ask but why would I do that. Because with One24 it does not matter if a person is on your first level or 12th level you get the same amount of money just for bringing them into the company. You lose nothing. Pretty inventive yes.

Not only that but you get paid for the people who are above you too. All the hundreds and thousand of people who keep coming into the company from people you do not know will fall to you and pay you too. There are 4 separate bonus pools that do not take thousands of people to qualify for. What you say unheard of right! In fact the highest paid pool only take 30 people for you to get into. Unreal I know. 6 directly under you that each have 2 and they each have 1 that is 30 people and you get the largest pool available and it pays well. So why in the world would you ever leave. The answer is you wouldn’t. Attrition rate how about with One24 you will not have to worry about a attrition rate. Mark Seyforth figured out that if you take care of the little guy the one who has trouble getting people to sign up and join things but still trys none the less. If you make sure he can make money too people will stay. They will not give up after a few months and look for something else. They will stay put. That is incentivized referral plan in action. A real team approach an approach that will not penalize you for helping everyone who comes in. It encourages you to help those coming in.


Natraburst The Product:

Wonderful healthy terrifc product Natraburst. It is doing things for people that I have not seen in the Health and Wellness industry. The product itself is completely natural full of antioxidents and probiotics. All the fruits and vegetables you need every day all in one serving a day. It has Stevia which is known to help with blood glucose levels. Anti-oxidents which help with cardiovascular health. Probiotics which add digestion. This product covers it all with a no milk base complete vegetarian product. The company also plans to add more products as well in the near future. I am completely excited about One24.  Get on the waiting list today.

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