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Nov 9th 2012 at 10:28 PM

Sports shoes for modern urban girl, it is not running motion necessary sheet is tasted so simple, but also have the function of fashion! Increased within high help tide shoes, not only can increase the height, and can let ankle looks more slender, but look but very leisure... This fashion sports shoes, let lift, Europe and the United States street snap up to people couldn't put it down!

Isabel · ma LAN (Isabel Marant) "Bekett" fashion casual shoes, and Ash "Bowie" shoes is this qiu dong's most popular sports tide shoes! Love beautiful girls like to a pair of?

To participate in Oscar the party she one atmospheric wipes bosom skirt, so sweet and natural and graceful, as prior downwards see, we see is not the princess's crystal shoes, but one red and white sports canvas shoes. This kind of collocation is can't help letting a person shine at the moment, the collocation of bold contradiction and collision can be a beautiful spark

Is Christine Stewart, this kind of "red and black"Olive 9S 2012t modelling is tie-in, full of wild wild taste, not the kui is a vampire family. Black and white frenum movement canvas shoes, messy lace line method, and fluffy hair mutual contrast, it is too have the feeling

2012 San Diego otakon, Christine - Stuart still chose her favorite sports shoes. One of the black for sports shoes, a fluorescence small short skirt, a white T-shirt, enough sunshine, enough lively.

Don't think fashion in clothing only make an issue of it, for men, through the sports fitness keep good figure is also required to fashion kingdom road. If you think summer fitness too hard, now early autumn small cool season, it is fitness perfectPre Order Retro 9 Olive weather, no matter you are love basketball, love tennis, only love jogging, or just like in the gym sweat profusely, choose one functional excellent and comfortable shoes is very important, this special for four kinds of motion recommend shoes, hope to have your heart water choice.

Basketball is that many men in the choice of leisure sports, maybe love that was flying sport passion, perhaps is desire that close team cooperation spirit, the full of vitality and sweat of sport always let them is unable to stop. Basketball filled with all sorts of running jump, turn around, so to the shoe professional demand is very high also, sole should have very good grip and stretch, but also in the upper ankle have very good protection effect.

This type of basketball shoes used SprintWeb technology,Jordan 9 Olive For Sale make basketball shoes have a light weight, and better permeability. Is located in the front of shoes hollow out breathable and ensure good heat and sweat, the inside of the shoes design and lateral be exactly the same. The bottom part of the use of the adidas classic prevent torsional technology Torsion System, in the shoes before and after between palm provides flexibility and torsional sex, improve stability shoes. Shoes outsole using asymmetric structure grain idea, will water ripple grain and fingerprint lines, combining effective, reasonable provide grasp of the shoes to sex and start-up speed. The new material of rubber outsole shoes can ensure more lasting life, and deal with all kinds of indoor and outdoor stadium needs.

If the basketball is passion, then tennis the sense that gives aJordan 9 Olive Pre Order person is elegant, the sending out a noble flavor movement, now by the favour of fashionable man more. Tennis shoes to professional requirements also demanding, sole to hold concurrently durability and flexibility, shoes projects should have very good package design, prevent the toes for scram and frayed.Ultra slight fiber synthetic vamp, for this kind of tennis shoes provides incomparable durability and flexibility. Toe inner use Duraskin Ⅱ technology, can effectively protect toes, rise to slow down the role of friction. In addition, the former sole also embeds the high elastic material, let the wearer to experience better sense of field. Sole use resistant rubber, provide special durability and traction, suit to be in in hard ground motion for a long time.

Compared the two jogging before movement obviously olive jordan 9along with the gender, you can choose to the gym to exercise, if like natural environment, also can at any time to the road or the park run on a few ring. Jogging shoes the most important thing is to portabl.e breathable, the elasticity of the sole is better, as far as possible to reduce exercise on muscle damage.This kind of sports shoes in the bottom outsole integration bold design, through the special "Z" shaped super light foaming outsole to absorb in the motion of your feet by harmful impact, and at the same time, through the "Z" word structure, will impact from heel to toe conduction, providePre Order Jordan 9 retro to the wearer better promote feelings. This not only can help the wearer in sports enjoy obvious rebound, but also can reduce more than 20% of the leg muscle strain. In the shoes head position, designer jogging shoes in accordance with the traditional field of the large area air net surface, makes Zig Dynamic although shape hale and hearty, on foot but after more frivolous, without any heavy and bound feeling.

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