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Nov 14th 2012 at 1:27 AM

Athletes' Performance training method director Craig Friedman said: "pay close attention to your body function will be for you to save energy and reduce unnecessary movement, so as to help you with more abundant strength, more efficient pace to achieve more strong running.""To make full use of the need to comply with the seven key point to your posture and stride frequency condition," Friedman kind added, "you do not have to worry in the whole exercise period pay close attention to training tips, as long as every 10 minutes or so check your situation can. This will help make your running more specific, thus can immediately improve your body function.Raise tiptoe-Most of the running of the damage is due to running tiptoe down and cause. Try to keep on tiptoe and become warped in the middle of the foot arch fall to the ground. Try to make your heel in the direction of hip after upward movement. This will make your movement posture automatic adjust right, in order to be born in the foot arch part touchdown.

And do some preparation activities, hot a warm-up, this is very important. You can also have some glucose (this is a very good strategy, although I have never Olive 9S 2012tried, but believe that to you for improving the achievement has certain help).don't be nervous, because nervous cause heartbeat too fast will make you run after breathing rhythm disorders that affect the result.starting later, with a large force, run, try to run at a slightly before the position, but do not lead, also do not in order to save the physical fall behind, to the later will be hard to catch up. Had better find a run faster than your partner run, and do my best at his heels (a school of 1500 meters race, I and our class three other people together to certain formation run, the results of the 70 games, we went into the top 10, I run the fifth).

run rhythm is very important, do not want a fast slow for a while. Control breath, make breathing uniform. Some big steps Wallace. As far as possible in the wholePre Order jordan Retro 9 Olive running process has maintained the same speed run (I run 1500 meters of the amount of time is basically run 1000 meters used time two, that is to say, in the running process of, can't because of the distance and the average increase when slow down), good rhythm will make you feel more relaxed when the run, to the end of one hundred meters or dozens of meters, you can sprint, this doesn't and a contradiction, because it is the most crucial time. If there is no strength sprint, then keep the original speed, insist to the don't immediately stop to rest, especially not immediately lay down or sit down. After running, human body are activity, should make the body slowly relax, it is suggested that run after walking hundreds of meters, the whole body relax, then do some within the reach of waist, abdomen, leg, arm activity.

in addition, the game wear light some running shoes, had better not wear basketball shoes or BanXie, not all shoes are suitable for taking part in a long Jordan 9 Olive For Saledistance, and had better not wear new shoes, the most appropriate is through a period of time, fit but not very shabby running shoes (long distance running and sprint is different, want to use heel first touchdown, so you shouldn't wear spiked shoes).If your physical ability is bad, that should insist to take exercise, insist on running every day thousands of meters, and compensatory andJordan 9 Olive Pre Order enough nutrition, improve their heart lungs function. One of my classmate everyday training, 800 meters results never qualified into good. In order to achievement, can't fear hardship,Running it would be easy to run out of the area, and when under no pressure on some of your physical and mental health is very good exercise. In any case, excellent skills will be your success of the essential magic weapon. Attention to skills will help you to get a better performance, and effectively reduce your risk of running in common pain.

Don't move too much-Your feet should fall in the buttocks, and not the body forward. Avoid walking too much one way: speed up your stride length. Faster frequency running will make you faster speed up and drop feet, making strides big become difficult toPre Order Jordan 9 retro implement. Your feet per minute should be about 170 to 180 times frequency fall to the ground. MiCoach will be in each completed exercise details the graph display frequency information.Let the trunk also get sufficient exercise-You raise your feet running should maintain abdominal muscle contraction. Try to look up make it away from the coccyx, so that the muscles tighten as far as possible, and in running training of your core torso. There is another way to choose: to pay attention to when you are running your feet up, olive jordan 9 for salelike a rope pull you in the direction of the hip.

Relax fist-Keep hands slightly bent, but don't hold on to his fist. Make a fist will result in forearm nervous, it will affect the normal movement of the shoulder. In addition, don't take up fingers in the air sliding. It could lead to your arm in circular motion, not before and after exercise.Keep the shoulder after sinking and exhibition-You feel tired when there will be the trend of the shrug. Keep your shoulder subsidence and the exhibition can make you to maintain high status, so as to avoid the happening of this kind of circumstance. In addition, should be like a pendulum, swings from shoulder hair force driving your arm movement, so that the elbow olive 9 pre orderbend Angle remained stable.Find the right Angle-Keep elbow fixed in the right Angle (bending 90 degrees), and its close to the direction of the body pulling, don't let elbow external expansion. Doing so will make your arm motion more efficient.The eyes look straight ahead-Keep up posture, eyes fixed on the horizon, thus in the running to keep up the legs and tall and straight posture.

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