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Obvious Methods Of Obtaining Actual Sales From Free Traffic That May Have Been Forgotten...

Nov 23rd 2010 at 5:31 PM

" If you aren't making sales, then you are not in business!"

 That harsh statement woke me up to the fact that most internet traffic is just about useless when it comes to generating significant sales.


 I suggest that you consider taking your show "On the road" or offline.


Steps One and Two: Design and use custom business cards and flyers for each and every product, they are totally free to design and print out yourself:

 and Flyers, too: 

 Create stuff that you can be proud of for your products and services and figure out a way to share them with actual people!

 See if that will break your sales slump, and make your dependence on online traffic a lot less of a strainon your nerves....

 It's sales that count, not hits-- And those sales will come from Humans who are willing to buy!

 I once turned an 08. cent flyer into $30.00 bucks in one afternoon...

 Working with an affiliate program strictly online, can quickly become frustration in the flesh...

 I was sitting at my computer desk, advertising my head off on a traffic exchange, and being totally ignored, not to mention bored out of my mind from viewing page after page of ads... Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

 I forcefully yanked my eyes away from the computer screen, and looked down at the floor... I have a habit of throwing pennies and other small change on the floor, whenever I enter the apartment, so that "Wherever I set my foot, there will be money..."

 Well, my mental wheels started turning, and I began to pick up some coins, and then some more coins... And then I put them in a jar, about two bucks worth...

 I went back online, looked up Print Free. com, and quickly designed a flyer, it's not "Rocket Science ", I can assure you...

 After printing the flyer out, and whiting-out the errors, the copy shop guy gladly took my $2.00 in change, and gave me 25 copies. Then I was off to the supermarket, to pick up something for lunch...

 Walking in the door of the market, I spotted the community bulletin board, and as the program I was promoting was about jobs, I felt that this would be a good place to post a flyer... (Always get permission from the Manager, though)

 My flyers had tear-off strips with my name and phone number, but more importantly, the website address, with a shortened, cloaked affiliate link (Good Advice)... I posted two of them on that board, and went about my shopping...

 On my way out of the market, I was very delighted to see that several of the tear-off strips were gone... :)

  I started walking around the neighborhood,  placing flyers in areas that always get good people traffic... And when I returned to my apartment... I was amused to discover that I had made $30.00, in about 4 hours...

 Suppose that I went mad and increased my flyer distribution to copies of 1000 or more? Of course, this means more walking and work, but just the same, that $30.00 could have gained a few more zeros and a moving decimal point! :)

 You'll find that there are some small tricks to creating an effective offline campaign for an online product:

1. Know your Market-- I know that computer users abound in this neighborhood, because of the schools...

2. Make sure that your product translates well-- to folks who are walking around ... Jobs and Employment help for free, is a great product for this market... Diet help is another great product, think about this tip most wisely... Look at and observe your Market in motion.

3. Be sure that your Advertising materials are attractive and WEATHERPROOFED-- as much as possible... Also make sure that people can get the information without ruining your signage...

 These are just a few prompts, for you to consider... You guys are so very smart that I'm sure you'll be able to create a good plan for your own offline campaigns, but if you  should become stuck for ideas... Please feel free to PM me and we'll brainstorm together! :)

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