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Note that three car maintenance systems improve the performance of your car

Apr 13th 2015 at 7:31 PM


Enhance vehicle performance, performance ignition coils efficiency is the original car full. Purpose is not to destroy and change the original car parts and construct any one carried out without dismantling the car to pieces, it will not affect the vehicle back to the normal maintenance of plant maintenance, when the inspection will not be because beyond recognition over not annual.

Little attention here only to say a soft system, there are three major software systems to maximize efficiency affect the car, electricity, fuel, air, briefly describe three soft automotive performance systems, a detailed description of each part of the engine for the car performance is lifting and lowering the engine, reduce emissions and extend engine life. The main purpose is to allow the combustible gas into the engine can be fully and completely mixed, make a strong spark ignition combustion gas mixture. Here we introduce no changes to internal engine parts, car Rexroth vehicle electrical protection, vehicle maintenance software system, just replace upgrades and installation of auxiliary products to reach from the gas path, circuit, circuit three aspects of engine performance upgrade approach. Its biggest advantage is not modified and easy disassembly, is through vehicle maintenance software system to improve the car the best condition.

1, the gas path:

The increase in the intake air amount per unit time inside the engine cylinder to reduce engine intake resistance, which is part of the engine intake improvement targets. The usual practice is to replace the original bit high-flow style, in addition to the installation of the wind burst paste, placed in the intake box can be released by the action of its own energy, air will enter a large amount of negative ions generated by the decomposition clusters of air, and The original air molecules movement disorder disorder, neatly arranged into a linear motion, so that the engine reaches the lean burn state, the engine speed climbs faster and more powerful.

2, circuit:

After the gasoline is atomized through nozzle into the engine cylinder, and determines the degree of atomization of fuel and air mixing effect it. Therefore, the better atomization of gasoline, the more beneficial to mix with air and combustion. Among the many modifications in the way for the oil, the installation of physical fuel booster is an effective way to increase the flow rate of fuel injection is more refined gasoline. The latest energy apron using rare element, after engine heating, far infrared release of the fuel flowing through the collector molecules 'decomposition' into a single molecule, better atomization nozzle gasoline.

3, the circuit:

Circuit is divided into ten systems and now car for safety, intelligent, entertaining increase of electrical and electronic equipment, cars in a variety of electronic devices used simultaneously, the engine power is dispersed, commonly known as 'power grab' likely to cause each transceiver signal allowed, excellent maintenance vehicle electrical system is vital to supplement originally by electricity, but can not keep the battery discharge rate, the battery power supply to the engine stability, ignition efficiency, ignition conductivity and the positive and negative voltages balance, have a great influence on engine power. For this reason we can replace the ignition, spark plugs, as well as the installation of vehicle electrical protection device current balance and other auxiliary facilities, 6 cylinder turbocharger to reduce the power load, improve energy ignition, flame propagation speed faster and reduce the flame propagation distance, better combustion engine . Reduce, reduce emissions.

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