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Not Another Assault on Libby Wright by the Arizona Daily Star January 15th, 2011

Jan 18th 2011 at 6:33 AM

Originally published by me on the Yahoo!® Contributor Network January 15th, 2011.

My friend, Libby Wright, in Tucson Arizona contacted me about the local newspaper's coverage of her retirement, and that she needed help. While the obvious bias against Libby Wright, and the Giving Tree of Tucson Arizona is there, even the newspaper's attempt at making an effective church director look somehow "guilty" still point out what has been accomplished for the last twenty years.

Is the Giving Tree of Tucson, Arizona, a threat to the political climate among homeless shelters? Having been in the way of asking her and her staff for assistance once, myself, I know all too well exactly what the Giving Tree does for people - homeless or not. It's how she does what she does which makes all the difference. My first time meeting them is covered a little more in depth here.

What exactly is The Arizona Daily Star saying one last time, about the Giving Tree? In the fourth paragraph of the Arizona Daily Star piece we see the first example: "An Arizona Daily Star investigation into The Giving Tree in late 2009 found the organization served expired and potentially unsafe food to needy children."

Recently expired food is still quite edible, and is usually the food which ends up in food recycling programs. The words "potentially unsafe" is a specious tag at best. Pretty much all recycled food is merely "potentially unsafe." It's a sad fact. Furthermore, her actions were along the lines of "Good Samaritan" efforts. So the key words readers might need to notice are the words "Giving Tree," "served food," and "to needy children." Someone would get that exact same food through most other programs.

Did the Giving Tree charge a fee to let someone stay? Yes, there was a daily program fee when I was there. It was part of what kept me going, to have that tiny, daily goal to work for. Being required to either pay those fees, or volunteer in trade for a meal, shower, and a spot, was perhaps the Giving Tree's greatest benefit.

Making the program a "handout" would only leave people dependent on her, and Libby Wright never wanted anyone dependent on her. She worked to help people stay self-reliant. (As for the Christmas gifts, I was not there for those allegations. Libby tells me they were replaced with gifts, and I believe her.)

Does the Arizona Daily Star really have anything on Libby Wright, or the Giving Tree? By the sixth paragraph, we see a vague allusion to Some non-specific charges, and subjective standards, but hang on. The message only improves, as the newspaper allows some who've worked directly with Libby Wright, of the Giving Tree, in pointing out what she's done for the community of Tucson, and for how long.

So, in response to the request to help Libby Wright, and the Giving Tree of Tucson, Arizona: Libby, my friend, you need not sweat how The Arizona Daily Star is sharing how loving you are, just realize that they are. In the newspaper's best efforts to portray you, in a negative light, they still can't help but reveal on your behalf - what has been done. In spite of all they try to malign you unfairly as, even this proves what thousands of people around Tucson already know about you. Enjoy your retirement. You did good with the Giving Tree. Some are jealous and envious. Some are bitter and/or disgruntled and/or spiteful. You and Carlo deserve a long, pleasant, and rewarding retirement. I recommend travel.


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Well, considering she's retired now, you just seem like a lil' ol' spambot, don't you? Aint you just cute as the dickens! :D
Jan 18th 2011 at 7:16 AM by nostate
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