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No Nonsense Muscle Building - How To Build Neck Muscles

Aug 27th 2011 at 12:47 AM

It has long been considered a man's neck, a kind of litmus test of an athlete. Wrestlers, gymnasts, and just strong guys have always had thick and strong neck. Moreover, once the sport of body parts to focus more attention than now. Not surprisingly, in the last century put his bare body was considered uncultured, but here's what was attached to the head, was always clearly visible above the collar of his shirt.
Some athletes develop their necks to an incredible level. For example, Zaikin AI tied around her scrap metal. Circus acrobats held in his teeth a lot of weight without bending his head down.
Sometimes the neck muscles are called "crown shape," and not by accident. This part of the body is framed by the upper half of the torso. Logically, a strong man can not be thin and fragile. It's ugly and unnatural. By the way, partly so in bodybuilding neck measurement is part of a general formula for calculating the harmonic development.
If you do not care about your appearance, then on a mandatory basis 1-2 times a week to do the exercises for the development of the neck. Unfortunately, some athletes is the wrong approach to the development of cervical muscle groups, resulting in dangerous accidents. We'll see how it correctly "pump."
What muscles to train
The most important muscles that help more than others involved in strengthening the spine and head movement:

* sternocleidomastoid muscle runs along the side, seen from the front forms the English letter V;
* wide cucullaris responsible for turning the head, keeping upper spine straight;
* hyoid muscles, they are under the chin.

Exercises for the neck
During a workout you can not make any sudden movements, all exercises should be carried out smoothly and with little weights. If you ignore these recommendations, you can easily obtain a long healing injury.
All exercises for the development of cervical muscles are divided into three groups:

1. Exercises in overcoming the resistance of the hands (or their partner).
2. Exercises with its own weight.
3. Exercises with weights.

The first group is the most secure and is designed for beginners. Among them: the lowering of the head forward, backward and sideways, rotating around a vertical axis to the right and left.
Put the palms of your hands together and put on his forehead. Now gently press down on the head, neck and efforts to resist: try to lower it down and forward. Then go to the subsidence of the head to the side. For this uprite the palm of one hand to the area above the ear and act the same way. In the same way to create resistance, holding his hand under the chin during the rotation around the axis of the head to the right and left. During training it is desirable to do for 1-2 sets of each exercise. The number of repetitions should be about 15-25 in each direction of travel.

Can still be used to pump the hands of the neck resistance partner. To do this, lie down on the bench, stomach down. The head should be behind the edge of the bench, that is, to move freely up and down. Ask your friend to press his hands on the occipital region, close to the top. In this case develops, "trapeze". Do 2-3 sets of 15-25 lifts the head nearly at the maximum amplitude. If done correctly, at the end of the approach you should feel the weakness of the muscles. Similarly, you can do while lying belly up (the development of sternocleidomastoid muscle). For more information visit no nonsense muscle building

With its own weight is usually trained fighters. I guess everyone knows the famous "bridge wrestling." In this exercise has grown much stronger and heavier necks. To run you need a soft cover (mat or rubber). Separate your legs at a distance double-width apart, stand on his head covering the floor in prone position. Now start slowly roll your head forward, backward, left and right. Make about 2-3 sets of 15 times in each direction. If you have had experience in such training - can take his hands behind his back. Newcomers MirSovetov recommends slightly to help themselves, resting hands on the floor. There are two other options wrestling bridge: the bridge of shoals in the classic (with his back to the floor) and the bars, holding charges (pancake from the bar). Last, we do not advise doing the initial stages of training.

And so we turn to the neck workouts with weights. Recall that one should not take a lot of weight, as well as the exercises of this group in violation of art. So you prevent the risk of injury.
You will need a special strap - from fixing belt which is worn on the head. To it is attached with this damn weight at which you can easily do 15 repetitions in one approach. Put the strap with the weights. In the standing position lower body parallel to the floor and slowly lower your head down. Then lifts her up. Thus, the burden is on the trapezius muscle. There is another option: lifts head with weighting, lying on a bench in the position of the stomach up. So sway predominantly front of the neck.
Another type of exercise with a strap - ups head to the shoulders. Starting position: lying on its side on the surface of the bench, the line from shoulder to shoulder should pass vertically to the floor, wearing a strap on the head with weighting. Being in the starting position, slowly raises her head straight up and lower. I draw readers' attention MipSovetov that it is very important not to tilt your neck in any of the other side (forward or backward) as this can lead to injury. Be careful not to hang too much adulterant, or you simply can not be run without deviations approach to the trajectory. It is advisable for one workout to do 2-3 sets of 15-20 times each. This exercise develops the sternocleidomastoid muscle, like the previous one.
Plan to exercise for your neck no more than 3 times a week, because your muscles need to rest. At each training perform exercises 3.2, for 3 sets each. In average, one set should include 15-20 repetitions.
Neck muscles "pump" is not so difficult as it seems. Within 2 months of diligent training 2 times a week, you will see significant results.

A strong neck is not just for beauty, and it helps the sport. Fighters can use it to better counter the enemy's tricks, the players - effectively taking the ball on his head, boxers - a punch, etc. In addition, well-shaped muscles of the body perfectly protects the upper spine from everyday injuries and improves blood flow to the brain. Therefore MirSovetov urges "swing" his neck, and do it properly. Good luck in your endeavors!

Information source Se-Cure

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