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9 months ago

No Investment Capital? How to Create Recurring Income from the Web with No Cost

Jan 11th 2011 at 5:56 PM

A website is a wonderful structure for generating automatic income online. Websites, just like the web, never rests, and can therefore earn you money without ever having to stop. No employee will ever be as efficient as a website, and with so much less hassle. After starting many businesses and using many income techniques, I now use my websites alone to generate recurring income from the web and financial freedom. A website can drive income from a multitude of sources simultaneously.

And when you learn how to make your website effective, there is absolutely zero limit to the amount of money you can make. And its allpassive cash flow on the web. Building a website and gaining it exposure and developingwebsite visitors takes time, but when the website matures and takes over, it will work for you for many years without ever skipping a beat. If you play your cards right, a website may be all you need to live financially free.

A site is only as good (and as profitable) as its ability to free traffic, or your ability to send website visitors to it. The more free website hits that you can throw at your website, the bigger profits it will be able to generate automatic cash flow on the web for you.

In all essence, making money online really comes down to traffic... period. There is a world of free web site visits that can be harnessed by savvy marketers. I drive thousands of visitors to my websites every day without ever spending a dime on marketing. When you know how to drive traffic, the internet becomes a wonderful playground. Here are some of my favorite ways of generating huge web hits.

Traffic from Twitter-Twitter can either be a huge waste of time or a wonderful tool for generating free website hits. After finding twitter I was able to generate thousands of followers, and as I began sending tweets with links to various pages on my websites, I got hundreds of extra visitors a day with the few clicks of a mouse.

Syndicating Content-Articles, just like this one you are reading, is a great tool for free traffic. There are many websites that you can submit your well written articles to, and the free website hits that comes from these sites can be substantial if you add articles on a regular basis. You can write articles on your niche and attract very targeted traffic.

Organic Search Traffic-Search engine traffic is awesome and can lay a great free traffic foundation for your website. Use a lot of original content throughout various pages on your site, use low competition keywords in your content, and get some inbound links. Article publishing as mentioned above is a terrific way to build backlinks and increase your search engine rankings and hits.

Building a Following-Fresh traffic is the lifeblood of a money making website, but return traffic can also be a great asset for making additional income from your site. In fact, this is where the real snowball effect can take place. To make your site perfect for generating return visitors, make sure and use a blog with an RSS free application. As people signup for your RSS feed, you will be gaining more traffic.

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