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Nov 11th 2015 at 7:23 PM

We all go nuts sotis. Even soone as sublily well balanced as myself goes off the deep end once in a while.

When this happens nike free run 5.0 dam svart , the arre behavior of the suddenly wko can bring damage to themselves, their business relationips, and yes, even their furniture.

Why do we go bananas? Sotis we allow frustrations to aumulate without releases such as "talking it through", physical tivity or masturbation until we boil over.

Sotis a situation pues a button in our psyche which releases a guer of emotion stored from long-ago pain. This eruption can e seemingly from nowhere and usually scares the piss out of everyone in range including the eruptor himself.

At Evanston(IL) Hospital Outpatient Psychiatry, where I spent a six month internip bringing better ntal health to scores of afflicted suburbanites, it was openly discussed that more people would flip out during the full moon. I believe the term they used was "we have more patients in crisis". Is this human response to the 28 day lunar cycle the etymology of "looney"?

Perhaps not so coincidently, another 28 day cycle which can bring oasional bouts of wkiness is the so-called female cycle nike air zoom fly 2 dam , which is not to be confused with a Vespa motor scooter. This caused so UFO theorists to opine that won might tually be aliens not from Venus as originally believed, but rather from the Moon, e to disrupt the football gas and bank aounts of n.

So say that n have a similar cycle - not to be confused with a Harley Davidson - but n are either too plex, or more likely far too simple and random for a true pattern to erge.

Whatever the reason, when soone you know goes apeit, do the following:

1. Get the hell away. People in the throes of a psychotic episode can have superhuman strength. They experience sothing similar to the legendary adrenalin ru which allows animal tivists to lift cars off pinned-down pussy cats, a frequent sight in my neighborhood. Nutcases in full bloom can easily turn your head all the way around - rember Linda Blair in The Exorcist? - by grasping it lightly between thumb and forefinger.

2. Stay the hell away. When a person goes beserk, it can last a few days. During that ti he will be manically obsessing about whatever insult or injury they perceived to have happened. He is not negotiable yet; don't even try unless your idea of fun is baing your head repeatedly into masonry.

3. Watch (from under the desk if necessary) for the real person to return. After such an intense outpouring nike air zoom vomero 10 dam , Dr. Jekyll will cra from exhaustion. When he erges, he might be in the eepi, "What happened?" mode. That is the ti for love and support. Try saying, "Wow, you really went through sothing there, didn't you?" If he says sothing normal, like "yes", you are making progress. If he snarls or throws his mouse at you nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour dam , revert to #2 above.

4. Have so sympathy. Rember, you have gone daffy yourself. Rember what it was like. It ca from pain, didn't it? That's what happened to your psycho, he had a tsunami of pain. Rembering this will help you be sympathetic. You might need this help if el loco stabbed you in the eye yesterday with a letter opener.

5. Let him talk and offer only gentle guidance. If a person talks enough, he will eventually realize that they got "out of line", but he will need so spe in order to realize this. If you offer this insight yourself, especially too early, you might get your hand stapled to your ear.

6. Listening is key. Here's how you do it: Look into the person's eyes with a slightly sad frown. Nod slowly and knowingly after they say eh sentence. Resist the urge to offer your wonderful opinion - this part is called "utting up". Wait until he stops talking. Count to 10. Then say one carefully chosen sentence which is either insightful or encouraging. Repeat until cool.

7. To take lunatic handling to the state of the art nike zoom fit agility dam , try to get him to analyze the triggering event and why it was so extroardinarily evocative.

8. To really bring it on ho, get your nutcase to mit to monitoring his retions, so that if another triggering event ours in the future, he will be ready with a better, more adaptive behavior. This might include removing himself from the situation with a planned excuse like, "Pardon but I must leave this eting unexpectedly because my dry cleaning is ready."


Mark Meulam designs productivity software, owns a construction pany and holds a masters in Group Dynamics. His articles draw upon 27 years in business. Topics revolve around people and technology at work. Blog: .poingology. Try his software for free at .poingo.
Mark Meulam A versatile denizen of Northbrook IL Mr. Meulam owns a software pany (.poingo.) a construction pany (.buildersarch.) and a docunt scanningreprographics pany (.repro.docsys). His writings generally relate to business productivity.

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