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Why do the really strange things always happen during the night? 

Is there some sort of metaphysical transformation which manifests

itself when the light turns to darkness?  Darkness, after all, is merely

the absence of light.


Perhaps the dawn of each new day is in fact just the beginning of a

new experience.  Could this time frame be when the forces of the

universe change?  Is there perhaps two different shifts, day and night?


We hear so much about good and evil.  Do these terms apply to light

and dark?  Which is which then?  So much crime we read about

takes place during the night.


The crimes we don’t hear about take place during the full light of

the sun.  I read an article the other day about a woman who had been

raped in her bed at night.  Was it because that’s when she was

usually in bed and not because it was dark outside?


Before we pass judgment on the evil of darkness, we need to ask

ourselves how many of us were raped in broad daylight by big

businesses and even our own government.  And I’m not talking

about political parties here..


Anybody who believes the Democrats are any better than the Republicans

needs to realign their thinking.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

I make it a policy never to discuss politics so shant even go there.


Yesterday I was working on a story.  Before I knew what happened

115,000 words simply disappeared from my computer.

Where did these words go?  I can only surmise they went

somewhere out in cyberspace.


I must caution you readers to beware of a man

named Tony Moretti.  This man is, as the lost words described, a

man’s man.  A lady’s man also!


Throughout the story, women find him irresistible.  Men fear

him because they naturally fear things they don’t understand.

Moretti does not have to take what he wants from women - 

they willingly give him anything he desires.


I realize I’m getting away from my original thoughts here but

please bare with me.  Last night, I went to bed around the same

time I usually do.  I had been asleep for maybe three hours

when I woke up, bolting upright in a sitting position.  I know

there are people who will assume I have taken leave of my

senses but that does not change anything.  I had distinctly

heard my name being called.


I didn’t have to wonder who was calling me.  The voice

clearly belonged to Tony Moretti.  How did I know this?

Especially considering I have never spoken directly to him.


Then he called my name again.  A chill ran down my spine

That’s when I grabbed the revolver from the night

stand.  Don’t ask me how but I knew he was in my room. 

I can’t be certain but I think he was standing near the

bedroom door. 


Without thinking I grabbed the sheet with my left hand and

pulled it over my naked body.  Could he see me?  I don’t

really know.  The room was pitch dark.


“What do you want?” I was finally able to ask. What was fantastic

about this is I no longer have the ability to utter any

vocal sound from my mouth.


“I want you to come with me,” he answered after a moment.


“You’re not even real,” I answered.  “You are nothing more then a product of my imagination.”


“Then who are you talking to?”


“Maybe I’m just dreaming.”


“You will come with me in time.”


“Where do you think you are taking me?”


“Cyberspace,” was all he said before leaving.


He didn’t utter another word.  Instead I could hear the sound of his boots carrying him across the floor.  I jumped out of bed, nearly crashing into the wall because of the darkness.  I made my way into the living-room trying to follow him.  What I saw was the distinct glow of the computer screen turning into darkness.


Moretti had been in my house.  It was night time.  It was dark outside.  Does this make him evil?  I sat in my recliner asking myself this very question.  I could feel a slight grin beginning to form on my face.  And then I remembered.  I was still naked but wanting to go with him.



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