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New Video Conferencing Software GVO Conference Launched September 10th- Check it Out!

Sep 11th 2010 at 12:14 AM

GVO Conference


Use This Latest Communication Tool Be in Touch with Friends - Plus Stay in Touch With Loved Ones - And Earn At The Same Time

How would you like to know about a top quality communication product which can change the way you are in touch with your friends, promote your projects, and interact with prospective supporters or clients? Why not harness the power of modern technology to bring your ‘ranching up to date’?

This product is for you if you:
- Use Skype regularly to communicate with others
- Have family or loved ones around the world and like to stay in touch, or even have regular family togethers;
- Conduct classes, seminars, presentations;
- Have friends or contacts in other parts of the world or your own country, but wish you could talk more face to face;
- You have products that you would like to promote and give a demo to prospective clients, but it is difficult to meet them in person to do so;
- You need to travel long distances for meetings or conferences, but you would really be happy to save on travel costs and time – even time wasted stuck in traffic, if you could do it another way which is just as effective;
- You run a charitable project and would like to have a way to communicate face-to-face with sponsors or potential donors, and for your overseas sponsors to interact with a certain aspect of a project they are sponsoring. For example, you would like the sponsors to spend some time chatting with an underprivileged child they may be sponsoring, or attend their birthday party (which they can’t since they live abroad or far away).
- You would like to have an opportunity to earn regular income from a very high value but under-priced product – and get recurring monthly commissions – simply by referring others who start using the product.

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GVO is a premium web hosting company that has been providing top quality products for the past 12 years to clients, and has impeccable reputation.

Sept. 10th, 2010 they have are launched a superb communication product called GVO Conference – a video conferencing software which allows you to:

- Have 7 people on 7 video screens from different parts of the world, all interacting with one another;
- Have 50 people in the audience at the same time;
- Make a Powerpoint presentation or play back a video clip which all participants can watch;
- If you need more capacity, simply upgrade to a higher level;
- Earn recurring passive monthly income by referring others who subscribe to the service.

The price? It’s very low and reasonable – we are not allowed to reveal it yet, but it’s being launched at a price that virtually anyone can afford. (Hint: It’s cheaper than your mobile phone bill). It’s a monthly subscription based service. Eventually this will have a mobile version as well, so you can do your communications on the move.

Advantages over Skype:

- Higher capacity
- Better quality video
- On Skype, you can only have one on one video calls
- On Skype, if you have more than 4 people on a conference call, you will face problems or the call will drop
- In order to use Skype, you have to download the software. For GVO Conference, no software is needed, since it uses Flash.

Target Audience:

The amazing thing is: this is a product that everyone you know will be interested in, and it will provide tremendous brand value to any company. So prospective buyers would include:

- Families with relatives in other places
- People who travel frequently
- Businesses or companies with clients in other places
- Businesses who have dealers for their products spread out over the different regions
- Any instructors or coaches who conduct sessions
- People who conduct seminars or conferences or board meetings
- People who conduct webinars
- Schools can use this for tutoring students
- Facebook users who want to interact in a more dynamic way
- And many more!

GVO is run by good people who believe in providing value to their customers. I am personally in touch with the President and the top level management, and I recently recorded and produced the theme song for the company.

Want to find out more? The quicker you get your membership, the quicker you can get started, because of the generous income opportunity. Simply go to  right now and enter your details into the form and get on the early bird notification list.

Somesh and Jasmine

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