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new tips for internet affiliates!!!

Dec 17th 2010 at 7:17 AM


Not that long ago if you had looked in Wikipedia under "Struggling Affiliate Marketers", you would have seen my picture and a description of how I tried and tried to get it right but failed miserably time after time. I sure wish I had the internet marketing affiliate tips I'm about to share with you when I first started out in this game!

From the introduction it's obvious that I think affiliate marketing is a lot more difficult than so many others believe it to be.

I don't really know why some folks say that it's so darn simple to get rich easily with the affiliate marketing model. I can only make the assumption that they were really lucky right out of the gate or they really haven't spent the time in the trenches to really know.

Yes it's true that you need to spend very little money, if any, to be successful what with products on consignment, free advertising and huge commissions up to 75%. With ingredients like these, everybody should have a pretty fair chance of success.

But usually early success with affiliate marketing is either short-lived or long-coming because getting everything right is the real kicker!

There are really 3 major components to internet affiliate marketing. They are connected in such a way that you must get all three of them spot on or you will be wasting your time.

The 3 components are: Market, Product and Promotion.


You must be able to find a small pocket or niche of a larger market to be competitive and ultimately make some money. If for example you decided on the golf market you would have to go head on with the big boys like Golf Inc. or Golf Digest. Pretty stiff competition!

But if you were to find a smaller market within the larger golf market like maybe the type of golf clubs Phil Michelson uses on tour for example; you will stand a much better chance of making a few bucks. You will have found a manageable competitive market niche.


Now that you have your niche market you must choose a product that you feel will match your chosen niche and will be attractive to your hungry crowd of buyers.


But where did the hungry crowd of buyers come from? Exactly! Now you must be really sharp and choose the right keywords associated with your market and product to create an effective promotional campaign to search out out that hungry crowd.

If you're following this, you may have some questions at this point. Have you ever heard of the chicken and the egg analogy? I think it applies here very well. Really, what comes first?

In fact that's what makes this affiliate marketing so darn hard. Getting it right.

If you're struggling with your affiliate marketing efforts chances are good that you're not getting it right.

I was very fortunate because I had a fella making over 7 figures in this game help me to sort it out and get it right.

What if I told you that you could get all your niche markets and keywords handpicked by an expert making over 7 figures as an affiliate marketer delivered to your inbox on a daily basis...would you be interested?

The markets and keywords are money making winners with little competition so you can get a legitimate jump on the niche market.

Internet Marketing Affiliate Tips:

As far as internet marketing affiliate tips go I must admit that I was hesitant at first because after you’ve been affiliate marketing for awhile without success, you are so used to frustration that you get a bit jaded and everything seems like a con and not-believable…but I took a chance and it changed things forever. I’m actually making good money now.


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