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New Outlook for the New Year

Jan 6th 2011 at 12:08 AM

I find myself attempting to write my very first post yet the anxiety of finding an appropriate topic sets in.   My first thoughts of seducing you with my wit, charm and personality (j/k) are overshadowed by a monster of insecurity, as writing is definitely NOT my forte, nonetheless I shall humbly attempt to share my two or perhaps three cents. For starters, I too just like so many of us during this economy have been trying to make an income online, I have been promised the moon, the stars, the galaxy, the planets, the satellites and up until recently all I earned barely afforded me the luxury of a Milky Way.  The amount of potions, lotions, supplements, cyclers, tripplers, doublers, opportunities, dreams, challenges are the carrots held over our heads like silly rabbits.  Heck, I even bought some of those miracle weight loss supplements in an attempt to shrink my honey buns (buttocks) so as to only have one  versus two (J Lo has nothing on me ).  I have had different gurus and mentors promise,.. "You too can be financially free if you just follow these simple steps". After jumping around like a grasshopper from one golden opportunity to the next. albeit some weren’t even copper (lol).  I have found myself becoming angry at my desperation and even my ingenuity.. and NO for the record I am neither a blonde nor am I related to Forrest Gump.  In fact, I became bitter, I could just picture the hostess at a restaurant announcing.. "Bitter party of One your table by the window overlooking the cliff is available" ..j/k.. but seriously my moral standing was definitely lying down.

I remember on  one fine day in which I had a post work date with a fine hunk (imo) the celestial bodies had magically aligned for me, I was in a great mood, had lost 6 pounds and was able to fit into my size 8 "Lucky" Brand jeans that showed off my new singular tuckus, I was feeling positive as the feel good, Law of Attraction brain entrainment CD's, mp3s from an online opportunity were finally taking effect.  I could see people smiling back at me, iincluding the very same homeless man who for the last 7 years incessantly begs for money, asked me again  "do you have any cents to spare" to which I responded  "hmmm I am glad you asked and yes I will spare my common sense with you.. get a job!" to which  he mumbled some rather offensive slurs.  Undisturbed I continued walking down "Queen" Street I felt positive, alive and empowered as my new tuckus, Lucky jeans, hot date, and great mood enhanced by the New Age flavor mp3 track were not about to be affected by this stranger's vitriol, thus I  too was feeling like a Queen!

In the traditional hustle and bustle of any city as tons of people rush to work with their cell phones, sporting their fancy suits, purses, briefcases and gear for work or quotidian life a lovely gift was bestowed upon ME directly from the heavens.  Out of nowhere a bird pooped (shat) on my head!  Of ALL the people walking down Queen Street I was the lucky winner and I had not even invested in a lottery ticket!  I guess those jeans do make me lucky?  OMG! To compound the occurrence as I approached the office door a Religious Fanatic holding a "Tower Watch" publication looked me in the eyes and announced.. "God has sent me to save you, you are a sinner in need of redemption"..!  Needless to say I wondered if perhaps the bird poo was a punishment from above for having negated the bum some spare change?  I quickly turned around walked back towards the bum and proceeded to give him some coins he took one look at me and said "Hell No keep your money you greedy bitch you must need it more than me".

Upon returning to my job, I pondered the day's events, and embraced with gratitude the memory that I had also bought into some online opportunity pimping a miracle hair silkening and growth accelerating shampoo, so if I only managed to run home for lunch wash out the bird poo from my hair I would still make it to my hot date without a trace of the special crowning ceremony.  Hope resurfaced! I was multi tasking at work with more passion and drive than Nascar!   Hmmm, what if my hair is an inch or two longer by dinner time when I meet up with my date?  Regardless, I succeeded with a super hero like supercharged sense of energy and I made it to the restaurant in anticipation of a hot date wearing my long shiny hair, lucky jeans, thigh sculpting undies, pheromone perfume, positive outlook, and singular butt. Alas! I arrived at the restaurant, the hostess greeted me with a smile, the dinner reservation was NOT for "Bitter" party of one but for "Johansen” and the table wasn't overlooking a cliff, instead it overlooked a Marina!

Oh my what a large sized table, I did tell my date that I loved food, but my goodness did he expect me to eat so much as to require such a huge table?   Well, as it turns out my hot date was actually a business meeting to discuss yet again another fantastic mind blowing, income generating, life changing  solution, exclusive, VIP, euphoric and almost orgasmic MLM!  We were joined by 6 others as my date or shall I say sponsor felt that we were special and deserving of this UNIQUE program, and based on company guidelines the selection process is very strict and limited to only a very and exclusive few.  I graciously and diplomatically declined the opportunity but felt it fair to offer a quality lead for Mr. Victor Johansen.  Due to my gratitude for having been so thoughtfully selected to share such a marvel, I thought it only fit to invite him to stroll down Queen Street.  I convinced him to talk to Mr. Boom (pronounced Bum)  a presence who for the last 7 years has carefully watched over his businesses down the southern quadrant of Queen Street.  Not to mention he literally always has money in his hands on every day of the week and is well known by all the people who live, work or walk in Old Town.  In fact his words are heard by everyone.   (lol)

Sitting before this computer as I savor this Milky Way and write this post highlighting 2010’s experiences attempting to get both support and an income online I express my triumph and gratitude to have finally found it!  My previous experiences have NOT been failures but merely enlightening episodes in learning to embrace the core concepts which truly align and resonate with my person. There truly is a real dream team and Virtual family, whose bond is b.l.o.o.d.  This blood may not be the homogeneological blend but instead a virtual online blend  of “beautiful, learning, order, oneness, and dedication”. I have been encouraged to practice and develop an online presence, hence my very first writing assignment while facing my fear head on!  I feel humbled to be with this group as we cherish and celebrate every  achievement with a unified sense of pride and support.  Thus to every person looking for a solution, a backbone or a quality team. I encourage you to keep looking as you will and you can find good people with solid and genuine intentions to teach, train and support regardless of your jeans, butt, thighs, hair style, etc this all simply boils down to the most important and primordial element of committed community.  As this year closes may we ALL  collectively rise above the temporary challenges and obstacles  with desire, fire, and power to create outcomes befitting our needs and wants while simultaneously reaching out to empower others also seeking the same.  I am grateful for a renewed sense of humor as  perseverance, endurance; will, strength, dedication and effort are the cornerstone for our success in any of life’s endeavors.  For this New Year I cordially invite you to celebrate the bonds of friendship, family, values, dreams, and quality teams as we ensure our emotional and financial freedom and expansion in whichever dimension they may be.  Always dare to dream, strive to gleam, and focus your laser like a beam!

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Jan 6th 2011 at 9:03 AM by LonnieG
Great article, Aiza! I think some of us have had our own version of that very interesting day you shared. I enjoyed it enough that after skimming across it I went back with a cup of coffee and read it through chuckling as I went. Yes, online marketing is full of over promotion, but in actuality, so is the mall or the department store. The NPN program that you have connected with is a great example that there are also programs out there that offer tremendous value and support ... good choice on your part! I will look forward to reading whatever you write next! Much success to you. ~L

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