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New brand partner email campaign

Apr 27th 2011 at 12:36 PM

Day One – Welcome

Simple 5-Step Proven Plan of Action that is easy to learn, easy to do and easy to teach. This simple “Proven Plan of Action” will be the foundation for immediate and long term success with SnackHealthy. It is conveniently located in your back office accessible at your convenience around your busy schedule.

Over the course of the next 30 days your prospects will receive parts of the five segments of the Proven Plan of Action (PPA). The key to building a large successful SnackHealthy business is learning, doing, and teaching the PPA. If the PPA is embraced and used, it will put you and your team on the fast track to success.

Day 1 - Step 1: Getting Started

You are now in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Your upline and the company are here to support you, but it is your responsibility to do some basic preparation in order to get your business off to a fast and successful start. Here’s a short, simple checklist of a few things you should immediately do to start your Snack Healthy Business:

1. Log into your SnackHealthy back office and complete the following:
* Update your personal profile
* Add a personal photo
* Click around and become familiar with the content and features, and check back regularly, because more is constantly being added
* Read and follow your Getting Started Training

2. Meet your upline support team and your upline expert (the most successful SnackHealthy representative that has a vested interest in your success). These are the people that are committed to your progress and success, so check in with your enroller and have them introduce you to your “personal support team”.

3. Plug into any team and corporate webinars, trainings, and conference calls.

4.Set your own personal and business goals and put an Action Plan together to achieve them. Your first business goal should be 4 personally sponsored Brand Partners.

5. Begin making your list of 20-100+ people that you could share your SnackHealthy business opportunity with. Follow your Making a List training in your Back Office.

Success Tip:

Remember, consistency is the key to your success. We know that for most Brand Partners when starting your SnackHealthy business it is on a limited basis and you may not be able to give it the same time that you give to your current career; but we encourage you to give it the same respect. Our systems are designed for busy people that are quite often juggling careers, families, workouts, and so much more. Take comfort in the fact that our systems and trainings are designed with that in mind.

Day 4 ‐ Selecting Your SnackHealthy Team

Welcome to Day 4 - Step 2 of our SnackHealthy Proven Plan of Action. If applied, learned and duplicated, the simple five steps of the Proven Plan of Actionwill get and keep your business and team on the fast track to success.

By now you should have started or completed the suggested tasks in “Day 1 -Step 1: “Getting Started” and are ready to move on to the next step.


As a new Brand Partner, your primary objective is sharing the SnackHealthy opportunity and products with others.

1. Now it’s the time to begin contacting people about your new SnackHealthy business.

2. From this day forward, make a decision and a commitment to begin piqueing the interest and sharing your snacks with as many people as you can… in particular the most successful, entrepreneurial, motivated, and often health conscious people that you know.

3. It is critical to your success to utilize the tools and your upline support team. Initially, you do the inviting or piqueing interest and let your upline expert present the opportunity utilizing a 3 way call, conference calls, webinars and personal 2 on 1 Meetings. Follow the Piqueing Interest training document in your back Office.

Success Tip:

Your goal is to peak and pass. Let your upline present the information while you take notes and begin to learn the language of your opportunity.

Day 7 ‐ Launching your SnackHealthy business

Welcome to Day 7 - Step 3 on your journey to success with SnackHealthy. Our Proven Plan of Action is your basic roadmap to success, and if you have completed step 1 and 2 “GETTING STARTED AND MAKING A LIST AND PIQUEING INTEREST” you should now be ready to move on to step 3, “LAUNCHING YOUR BUSINESS”.


To maximize your SnackHealthy business it is recommended that every new Brand Partner has an “announcement of their new business.” The two most comfortable and efficient methods for most
people to do this are an online meeting (Webinar) for both their local and national prospects and an in home meeting. The Webinar is an on line PowerPoint presentation and your team already has the system in place. It is free to you and you can launch your business from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is the inviting. Many of you will also wish to invite friends, neighbors, family, and members of your community for a comfortable meeting in your home. Simply follow the Private Business Launch (PBL) training in your back office.

When done properly your PBL will provide you with a minimum of your first four Brand Partners which qualifies you for:

•Team/Binary Commission Checks

•Matching Bonus Checks

•Company Stock Options

•Free Snacks – Get Four Pay No More!

Success Tip:

Leading by example and having a successful in home/on-line PBL will provide your personal story for success and provide a specific roadmap for others to follow.

Day 10 ‐ Sharing your SnackHealthy snacks

Day 10 - Step 4: Enjoying and sharing Your Snacks

You should have just received or will be receiving your first delivery of SnackHealthy snacks. For many of you this may be the first time that you have tasted all of the snacks and you are more excited than ever because they TASTE GREAT and EVERYONE LOVES THEM! Open the box and enjoy your snacks with your family. Many of you will replace the snacks in your children’s lunch bags, and provide them with extra snacks for before or after their after school athletic activities. Bring them to the office to enjoy them throughout the day and share them with your co-workers. Keep them in the car for when you are driving. Pack them for the plane or cruise and share them with everyone around you. Bring them to the gym to enjoy before and after workouts and share them with other gym members. Bring them to the basketball, football, soccer, baseball, track meets …and all of your children’s sporting events; enjoy them during the event and share them with all the Moms and Dads. Take them to card games, bridge clubs, bowling leagues, night school, also, send a box to your kids in college to enjoy and share with their friends. The possibilities are endless.

This is why all of our leaders recommend that you order Option B for all new representatives and for your monthly auto ship. Enjoying your snacks and sharing them with others whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself is one of the most effective methods to gain interest or Pique Interest to your prospects.

You are now aware of how many opportunities you have during the course of your typical daily activities for you and your family to share your snacks and build your business.

Success Tip:

This may be a good time, if you did not do so already, to increase your autoship to the larger package. You now have a better understanding of why every new Brand Partner that joins your team will benefit from purchasing the largest initial order and autoship that fits into their budget. It is your business card. It is the introduction of your wonderful products to the people you know and you will continually benefit by maintaining an ample supply on hand.

Day 13 ‐ The Power of Four Brand Partners


1.Now that many of you have planned your PBL, all of you are enjoying and sharing your snacks, and sharing your opportunity by utilizing 3 way calls, 2 on 1 meetings, webinars,… It is important to stay focused on your first achievement goal; your first four Brand partners. Perhaps you are not a sales person and are not comfortable trying to “close” your prospects. There are simple and powerful and proven questions that you can ask your prospect after they have enjoyed your products and received a proper introduction to your business i.e. “based on what you have seen, heard and tasted … how do you see yourself getting involved as a SnackHealthy partner?”

2.When meeting with people in person, always be sure to have Brand Partner Enrollment Forms with you to get your new team member’s information. You can then personally enter them on to your team in the proper position and leg via your back office, My Business > Binary Tree section when you get back to your home or office.

3.We encourage you to direct your prospects right to your website so that they can enroll themselves. This is the most effective and duplicable method of enrolling new Brand Partners.

4.When enrolling new Brand Partners over the phone, if you have internet access, you can log into your back office and directly input their information while speaking with them. If you do not have online access while speaking with them, you can simply write down all their pertinent information on a Brand Partner Enrollment Form and enter it as soon as you can.

The next thing you will want to do with your new Brand Partner is to teach them to follow our Proven Plan of Action and also how they should properly launch their business by personally sponsoring a minimum of their first four Brand Partners.

Success Tip:

Lead by example and set a pace for all the future Brand Partners that join your group. Do not let the company’s minimums be your maximums. Every Brand Partner should strive to continue personally sponsoring up to 24 personally sponsored Brand partners to fully maximize the Compensation Plan (see compensation diagram).

Day 16 ‐ Stay the Course

By now if you followed the initial training you likely have 2-4 new brand partners and have just had or are preparing for your Private Business Launch. But maybe you have also received a few no’s from people that you were confident would join you in SnackHealthy. Perhaps someone even told you that you will not be successful in your new business or they said some disparaging remarks about the Direst Sales industry. We refer to these individuals as “dream stealers.” Not only are they not interested in your opportunity but for whatever reason, they want to diminish or destroy your enthusiasm for your new business. Now is a good time to remember why you became a SnackHealthy Brand partner. Remember that the Direct Sales industry is one of the most powerful forms of distribution in the world and growing at an unprecedented pace. It attracts some of the most successful and respected business professionals including business icons like Donald Trump and Warren Buffett. You found the right company at the right time, doing the right thing. So let’s stay on course and achieve your first business goal of 4 personally Sponsored Representatives

Success Tip:

If you buy someone’s opinion you buy their lifestyle. Do not let anyone steal your dream.

Day 19 ‐ Remember the reasons you became a SnackHealthy BrandPartner

Maybe you have been unusually busy, just received your snacks, or life simply got in the way. Not to worry, nothing has changed. Now is a good time to review the basic start up process with your enroller and their upline leader in the next 24 hours. They will help you get back on track to achieve your goals. Did you know that just by enrolling and maintaining four personally enrolled Brand Partners and /or auto ship customers for snacks your monthly auto ship of an equal amount is FREE each and every month. You are now SAVING $500-$1500 dollars a year and benefiting from better for you snack choices for you and your family.

Success Tip:

In this economy everyone is looking for an opportunity. The United States is experiencing a health crisis and an obesity epidemic of adults and children. Do not stop until you enroll your first four Brand Partners which qualifies you for Binary Commissions, Free Snacks, and SnackHealthy stock options

Day 22 ‐ Leading By Example

Now its time to help some of your new BP's take action... are they following your lead? Let’s duplicate to create a fast moving business...
Are you continuing to offer your opportunity and products to everyone you know? Are you plugged into all of your team and corporate business building and training systems? Are you learning how to tell the SnackHealthy story to others? Are you working with everyone on your team to assist them in getting their first 4 Brand Partners? Have you allowed any minor challenges or dream stealers to stop you in achieving your goals?

Success Tip:

If your goal is to build a massive National or International SnackHealthy Business than the key is to find the individuals that have similar goals and work ethic then work closely with them to become leaders in this company. Your long term success in SnackHealthy is based upon your growth into a leader and developing leaders with in your organization. How do you become that leader? Follow the simple 5 Step Plan of Action from your first 30 days of training in SnackHealthy

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