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Never Ever Complain To Your Downline

Feb 24th 2011 at 9:24 AM

I want you to read this post very carefully, internalize it, eat it, digest it, devour it, understand it and take it for what its worth. NEVER, EVER under any circumstances even dream of complaining about your chosen business to your downline because if you do you'll set in motion a set of events that will run through your downline like a brushfire in a field on a windy day, you'll see a Domino effect that will leave you with Goose Bumps, you won't see anything like this since the great Exodus in the Bible. Its simple, when you want to bitch, moan, complain and whine you go to your sponsor or if they're not available to anyone in your upline but never to your downline. See, your sponsor is accustomed to whining, moaning, and complaining. Don't get it twisted, to doubt, have disappointments and have the day from hell is completely natural, its a fact of life.

 You're only human and you will have your moments when self doubt will creep in and I don't care who you are it will happen. Is your sponsor a doormat? God no but they're better prepared to deal with this than a complete newbie. I envision complete newbies in my downline like newborn babies born in the wilds of Africa that upon being born better get their butts up and walk immediately because the predators, in this case the scammers are watching this whole thing laying low in the tall grass and if they see any weakness guess what time it is? LUNCHTIME, so they don't need you, the person that recruited them with all that good talk, calling them complaining about whatever in the company. What's happening subconciously to you is that you mind is playing tricks on you and if you don't reign it in it will take you on a fantastic voyage. Recruiting people is one thing but after you recruit them then what? You have to keep them in thats what and you don't do that by whining to them about anything, your job is to encourage them, let them know that they have work to do and that if this was easy, everyone would be millionaires. I know my sponsor will read this and laugh because I know I'm a neverending source of humor for him and I know this to be true because after I calm myself down, I laugh at myself.



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