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Networking on the .NING networks

Nov 27th 2010 at 9:44 AM

The first thing I would like to say is I am sorry that .ning stopped the free version of thier website ownership. There were so many people,that weren't "professional" networkers,that took advantage of the platform,and created thier own "social network".It was a period of huge success for the complete beginner,and I was one of them.

I learnd a lot of small "socializing" tricks that had other networkers sending me friend request(that got me past the 100 friend request limit that you can send)and invitations to every other networking site on the .ning networks.Where I got MORE "contacts" and MORE friend requests.I just didn't have time to join them all.But I did join at least 150 .ning sites.I set my profile up on every page by using the copy and paste method.

The first thing I promoted was was free to join,so it was easy to promote.I think I have somewhere around 80 people in that,in which I won a position in the referral contest and won 10,000 "shares",plus my referral "shares" equals 30,000 shares....but that was a long time ago,and who knows if that is gonna work out....and since I was looking for some thing more immediate,Its been on the back burner for some time.

The next thing I really promoted hard was 6dgr.It was awesome!(in a sense)it was free to join,and if you "asked" for the free debit card(every single person was approved)they sent you one with $10 on it!I forget what the referral compensation was, but I got 235 people in that.The problem was,almost no one asked for the debit card!It was too complicated of a proceedure.Eventually,the debit card proccessor changed thier payment/referral plan,and 6dgr shut down.I don't even think I recieved an email from them about it...just poof...gone.

I eventually created my own social networking site greengreen <----I can't even come up with an exuse for such a dumb name,I don't know what I was thinking.Anyway,I did get almost 300 people to join and make a profile,and although not all of them were active,I thought it was a decent accomplishment,and I did get another 500 people into different things I am promoting.

But now .ning is no longer free,and it was the "FREE---NO strings attached" Idea that helped ME we've all migrated to these other "FREE" sites,and bring our lessons with us.I learned so much and met so many valuable people from .ning,that it's kind of nastalgic to think back to the frenzy of joining so many .ning sites every day,like a flood of new opportunity.I'm sad to see it go.I hope I get to find all the people I was connected with that made such a difference in my life.


Tristan Ginnett

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