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MySurfBiz - Finally get paid for clicking!

Nov 25th 2011 at 10:08 AM

There are 3 main types of pages that traffic exchange surfers ALWAYS promote:

1. A squeeze page to grow their subscriber list.

2. A referral link to build their traffic exchange downline.

3. A plain old "buy this now" sales page.

All 3 of these pages separately have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the DISADVANTAGES completely outnumber the advantages.

Promoting a squeeze page by itself will never earn you even close to enough credits to succeed. You will need a downline and an amaxing squeexe page to seriuosly grow your list.
With a squeeze page you can try to build your list, but this is going to be a painstakingly slow process that will never be worth the effort. Without a downline or an unbelievablt amazing squeeze page, your will never earn even close to enough credits to have and REAL success.

Promoting a referral link is great.... but you'll need to promote a traffic exchange OTHER than the one you are currently surfing on and even then you will have to hope that the surfer viewing your referral page isn't already a member of that exchange that you are currently promoting.

Growing a downline like this is also painstakingly slow and you have NO guarantee that your referrals will even surf or recruit other members themselves. You'll NEVER have a downline worth bragging about this way!

Finally, promoting a sales page is... I'm sorry to say this but.... just a complete waste of your time! You are not building your downline, you are not growing your list, and unfortunately you are not going to make ANY sales!

Traffic exchange surfers are always moving quickly and you've got to capture their attention and gain their trust before you even think to sell them something.

In order to be successfull on traffic exchanges you are going to need some sort of Super-Machine that harnesses the power of ALL 3 of these pages AND gives the
surfers exactly what they want!

This is what MySurfBiz is and does! It takes all of the benefits of all 3 of these page types, combines them, and then multiplies the result by 10!

Your SurfBiz will grow your list, build your downlines, AND earn you money all at the same time with explosively fast results and all you've got to do is SURF!

With a squeeze page you can try to build your list, but this is going to be a painstakingly slow process that will never be worth the effort. Without a downline or an unbelievably amazing squeeze page, you will never earn even close to enough credits to have any REAL success.

When you own your own SurfBiz - you own much more than just a web page, you own a successful, quality built, online business.

When you promote your SurfBiz, you're doing much more than surfing, you are laying the bricks for the skyscraper of a business you are soon to be in control of!

When YOU become a member of MySurfBiz you will be given YOUR OWN entire website!

But, please understand, this is FAR from being one of those worthless MLM programs or pyramid schemes... Don't even put those words in the same sentence as MySurfBiz!

With MySurfBiz YOU are the OWNER, which means that YOU receive ALL of the benefits.

Incredible! You couldn't be faced with a better opportunity than this one, right now!

As you surf with MSB, you already know that you are going to be recruiting new members into each of your 6 downlines, right?... Well check this out:

When they become MSB members, we are going to teach them how to surf like crazy and earn lots of credits. This means that your downline referrals will be extremely active surfers and earn YOU massive
amounts of free credits!

You couldn't have a more active downline!... but it gets even better:

These surfers that join under you, will be promoting THEIR own SurfBiz's as well. That means they will be recruiting more downline members like crazy, and every member they recruit will become a part of each of YOUR downlines as well... and so will their new members... and those new members will recruit new members... and so on and so on...

Your SurfBiz will be unstoppable!

Have you ever heard of instant mashed potatoes? Well this is instant online business!

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