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My thoughts about the hype of social networks and blogs

Aug 5th 2010 at 4:51 PM

At the moment social networks and blogs are hot! I see ads like "create a blog and get thousends of followers" and "join this social network and earn from your referalls!"

How realistic are these messages? I agree when you have a blog or a page on a social network you can get followers and build a relationship with the people following your blog or social network. However I feel you should only create a social networks page or blog if you are actualy going do something with it.

At the moment there are many accounts on social networks like faceplate and blogservices which are empty or only have a copied and pasted text of some affilate program. I do not think this will work. It is a good idea to create or join a network or blog if you are willing to invest time in it; to write unique articles.

I myself am involved on ATM and on faceplate. I write articles about several subjects in the field of making money, generating traffic and other interesting stuff for affilaite marketeers. I do not copy and paste ready made texts from several affiliate programs. If you created a faceplate or a page on some other social network or a blog, I advise you TO DO SOMETHING with it. Ad your picture and ad some unique content.

And guess what? I  did this and I get new followers every day on my faceplate. Without inviting peopl; i just tweet and shout updates about new articles.  people even do not mind my crappy English! My subjects are sometimes provacative because i do not believe everything i am told. I put big questionmarks on some hype programs. I give tips about affilate marketing and traffic and give background information. And I get personal. on faceplate i write an article series "Webmiep from Holland goes global" which inform people about my marketing efforts, my successes and my failures. People can relate to that. So these atricles are read.

Writing articles on a regular basis requires time and commitment. Doesn't matter if it is on a social network or on a blog. Be unique and be yourself; that will give you an audiance that will read your articles. Be honest and write about your own experience! Do not just copy and paste the info of some affilate programs; people won't read it because the have seen it before.

That is why I restrict myself to write articles/blog items here on ATM and on my faceplate. I can manage that.

So the bottom line is; do create a blog or a page on an social network. But only if you are willing to write articles with unique content. Create a subject line that make people curious.

By the way; i use this principle also in free mailings in order to make people read my mesages instead of clicking out for points without reading the content.

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Aug 10th 2010 at 8:28 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Paula: A very nicely done article! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the hype of social networks and blogs. You make some excellent points. Too many marketers use and abuse their networks for solely advertising and hype purposes. But they are missing the point, which is building your brand and developing (business) relationships. :-)
Aug 5th 2010 at 9:48 PM by roosevans
Great article, Paula! I have noticed that some of the articles here on Im faceplate are copied completely from another source and most of the time the source isn't even acknowledged and linked back to! That is a big turn off to me! I frequently will use an excerpt from an article I found instructive or insightful but I always encourage my readers to read the full article and I link back to that article. I then add my own original thoughts to finish my article. We just have to separate the article "wheat from the weeds", don't we Paula! Have a Great Weekend!

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