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My personal review about Tagvillage

Mar 21st 2011 at 10:07 AM

Lots of people have waited for this because it almost sounds to good to be true !!

But it is true !

I started Tagvillage when it was still in the Beta Phase before Tagtrading even existed .

I invested $25 and at that point , I knew that there are people that invested a couple hundred or even a thousand dollars but that was just not my thing ! I gave my sponsor kind of a hard time until i noticed that he is a person like you and me and want`s to share this great concept to help other people build something that will generate them money in the long run and not just some online marketing guru that wants to make you rich over night like so many do

Since I`m kind of a skeptic person when it comes to spending money out of my pocket for something I started small !

Once the Tagtrading went live and I saw That I turned my $25 investment in to over $300 on the first day it was clear for me that there is a huge amount of money to be made not just with the trading of the words but also later when advertisers will target them and pay me %20 of the revenue they generate because I actually own them. Tagtrading is very good to make quick cash in a small amount of time but my perspective with it is that every time a Advertiser places and Ad under one of your words it ads another string of residual income that will last for years to come.

If you are a new member or and existing one than think about this for a second and then get going and build your inventory ! more words means a bigger chance that a lot of advertisers pay you a lot of money .

As of today I have a Tag Inventory of over 650 words and they have a value of $1015 and this will not be the end yet it is still going strong with thousands of words sitting at 10 cents and waiting for you to buy them

Tagvillage is a wonderful place online to earn money in a short and long term but this is up to you !

Connect with people that will help you to achieve your goals and share their knowledge with you ,build new friendships all over the world. (For me it feels like Family). But also help thousands of other people that really need the help and get forgotten and this is something I like a lot.

Tagvillage is a giving company. Our Board of Directors established this company as a “Tithing Business” from inception. 10% of every dollar we make is donated to great Causes every week. You tell us what Cause you support. We match the points you earn and donate proportionally to your Cause from our weekly tithing.

Let`s say you heard that your local children's hospitals needs help or you think it is something that should get supported than you can contact Tagvillage and tell them about it , they will figure out a way to give the support to your cause . So not only the company and the members will profit of this but also the less fortuned people that don`t have what we have and can not make it much longer without somebody that steps up and helps them instead of overlooking them.

If you think you want to be part of this company and all the good things they do for people all over the world or you figured that you have to change something in your life financially than we at Tagvillage would be more than happy to see you in our team and build our future together with you not of you !


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Mar 21st 2011 at 12:22 PM by DanielChew
This is a great article. I'm waiting for the tagvertising to start.

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