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My interests are helping people increase their savings and showing them how to use different types of saving plans to build their net worth. I love technology and I have been learning about a gadget that interprets hand signals so that you can communicate with the hearing impaired. I love basketball,
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My Marketing Challenge+Activety=Online Bailout

Sep 8th 2010 at 1:14 PM

I have been making a lot of new friends here on IM faceplate and they asked that I read articles on earning exra income online. I usually do not have many comments when it come to the subject there always seem to be a voice that quiet the room and let others know that sometime your site of the field is only one side of the story.

I worked in real estate and insurance and networking went under another name callled farming. Where you alway had a owner that was thinking that they just may be ready to sell the home and move to a new place.

It seem from the tips that everyone want to make it that if you want to make a sale you need to build your website  get hosting, and create a product that you will sell.

I have been online long enough to learn that this is not a recipe for success. If you are building website getting hosting creating products that you want to sell and you have no customers look like a very expensive project that has very little chance of ever producing income.

I would like to pose a question on this. If you are creating a product that you do not know will be well received because you think it what everyone would want because it such a useful and needed but no one is asking for it how do you plan on selling to and audience that either know about or has expressed any interest in wanting to purchase one?

I have a sponsor that has brought it to my attention many time that you have to have the right tools when you get ready to start work. By that I mean you need to get organize,  when you start to work on line you need to switch your hats, yes you still a consumer but you are the merchant and you have to fill your store with product and you need to build your website but not before you know what type of site that will flow smoothly and earn you income from the beginning.

In real estate it location-location-location, on the internet it is promotion-promotion-promotion. By learning this you do not need to worry about building your web site finding hosting because when you understand that your role is to market and you can deliver any product to the market and earn because you will not be using interrupted action.

When you first getting ready to start online and earn your income the first thing that you need is people and you do need a website to get their attention. When you design a web site that deliver quality content and add promotion to the sales process your odds of success greatly change.

That web page should not be a sales page, that first page should be your ice breaker to starting your relationship and move through sales process that will let you migrate that traffic to where they were heading when they arrive at your site.

Zig Zigler said that if you go out looking for a friend they are hard to find. but if you go out to be a friend you find them every where.

If everyone hate being a sale person and no one want to be sold too, Why would you spend all your time building a  great web page that scream at your visitor take it or leave?

When you first getting started your only goal should be to get people to tell you, how you can help them solve their problem. Give them your what in it for me and solve their problem or end the pain that they are hunting.

When I want to get a home owner to let me list his or her home for sell I do not contact them about selling their home.

I start build a relationship with them my letting them learn about the market and how they can improve the home they are in to get the most value when they decide to sell and I continually send them more information on how the market is doing and when they decide to sell I am the first person they call because I have alway been the one that kept them up to date with how they could get the most when their home was ready to be sold.

I am no guru and I have struggle to make my first sale just like everyone else.

The three things you need to earn online are not what I have been reading in the latest articles that I have been invited to read.

My tip for  a peson wanting  to earn are :

1 find a mentor with a system to share with you that teaches how to duplicate the action someone that already earning the kind of income you want.

2. It been proven that the most under used portion of communication is getting back with some one when they have expressed and interest in your product or service. Get and auto-responder so that you do not waist those clicks when you have someone say that they are interest in what you have to share.

3. Stop attempting to sale to the seller and start sharing information a very simple process, where you can provide information to solve others marketers problem show them that you are different and want to earn income with them and not from them and that working with them to reach their success was the reason your site built.

When you solve others problems you do not need to sale

When you follow the sales process you can build that marvelous website load it with products or services that people actually want and will start purchasing when you send them a message that the place to take care of all their need has just been launched.

If you put the cart before the horse he want be able to push it as well as he could if you were to let him pull it .

Building a website, getting web hosting, creating products that you love who cares?

You want a simple solution to earn online start contacting people with the right tools that answers their question, What In It For Me?







Please to comment
Aug 7th 2011 at 4:48 PM by LonnieG
I agree that the right tools will support and enhance a successful marketing plan. Combine those tools with a product/service with mass appeal and select your company(ies) based on the supports provided ... But don't overlook the need for strong promotional resources. Yes, style is important too, yet promote to prosper. ~LonnieG
Nov 7th 2010 at 3:57 AM by drkelp
Very good article. I always like to see evidence of success before i join a downline. I have had several opportunities here at IMFaceplate from my followers that I have joined because they didn'ty do the hard sell but showed me the results of their endeavours. There is way to much hype out there.
Sep 27th 2010 at 12:02 PM by catherinedwhite
Interesting article with some valid points. Creating relationships is the key to success. I totall agree with you there. I, also, think you need to have a system in place to help you mentor those who want to follow you. Although you don't want to put the cart before the horse, you will need to have a system ready to go when you do have clients interested in your product / service.

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