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I enjoy many things, but at the top of my list are beautiful Washington and her settings. How about you? For my last vacation I was in London, England and Africa and then beautiful Rhode Island. Goals and ambitions are motivating and important in a person\\\'s life. My goals have always been for achieving the highest quality of product and information that helps my clients. I\\\'ve been fortunate to accomplish many things in my life. One of my accomplishments has been working with people for a higher value system of nutrition. I\\\'m having the time of my life right now by living my dream of creating my own businesses. I am especially glad to have flexible hours and to work with people. I hope that gives you some insight into who I am.

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My Living Story of YOLI

Oct 25th 2010 at 9:34 PM

My Living Story of YOLI


Hi, I am 'Astari Waters' of Mercer Island, Washington, single business woman, ready to help you with your questions, life skills, and product information.

Today, in this blog, I would like to share with you below one of my favorite companies, YOLI:

YOLI is a company that means in Aztec "to live," I am truly excited about sharing my own perspectives and experiences with YOLI. I will start off with some videos for demonstration of exactly what Yoli is and why…

My Yoli Videos

1. Want to know what is YOLI? Let's look at this video first:;=related

2. Try the demonstration, so you know how to pop a Yoli:

3. Find out the truth about Pasteurization in your beverages:

4. How about losing weight with YOLI and have more energy, try this:

5. Understand why alkalize, try this:

6. Now here is my favorite explaining alkalinity:

7. How about for kids? See what kids, babies say about YOLI:


A Living Story

I own a business called Astari Waters Inc. I offer consulting classes that I describe as "creating the living story of you." The story creates itself as we redesign a self-created studio, the living portrait known as YOU. In managing this story right thinking and proper nutrition is necessary. I normally provide some good supplement systems on my product page, for my clients to consider. Along the way of recreating a whole-body system I constantly look for products that are not only efficient but easy to take, tasteful, and convenient. Some desire to get away from pills, while others want products that taste good. I personaly have a problem with supplements that are in unsafe plastic bottles or glass bottles that make shipping costs unbearable. I also look for green products and BPA-free tritan plastic bottles.

I soon met a new friend, David, from a networking site. The picture below is David and his lovely life partner. David was happy to introduce me to a company called "YOLI," which means "to live." Now that caught my interest immediately, along with products that my clients could easily twist, blast, drink, and like the taste as well.

The Mission

David showed me YOLI's mission and how it empowers the possibilities for living life to its fullest potential and to experience whole new levels of health and financial freedom. The opportunity is a value that can help increase the choices of one's health and to experience personal renaissance. For me, the fact David lived in Boston added another benefit because I was looking for an up-line who lived in a different state. I wanted to expand my horizon, so to speak, in order to branch out to a broader audience. YOLI was the connection that I was waiting for. Thus the story began for me... I then decided to join David and his upline. I want to be a part of the Yoli vision, in educating our communities about the dangers of most commercial beverages, foods, and supplements. I added my url *** *** and joined YOLI!


• Fun, Delicious, Healthy
• Perfected Twist, Blast and Shake Technology
• Bursting with the 100% nutrient goodness
• Protected until the moment you are ready
• No other nutrient delivery system is as powerful.

2,500,000 plastic bottles are dumped into our landfills each and every hour of the day, causing irreparable harm to our fragile ecosystem. And when you add the amount of oil required to deliver bottled water to store shelves, the problem becomes that much worse. Yoli's solution to this global challenge is our branded sustainable bottle. This sturdy, BPA-free tritan plastic bottle is both stylish and environmentally sustainable.  Insert you're Yoli Blast – Twist, blast, shake, and you're good to go! The Yoli bottles, along with their stylish Core bottles, are convenient and economical ways of eliminating the waste of plastic bottles…
Yoli's First Beverage Products

Yoli TRUTH was the first product and for several very powerful and appropriate reasons. Truth is filled with three of the world's leading Super-Fruit mega antioxidants: Acai berry, goji berry, and pomegranate fruit. In addition to these natural antioxidants, Yoli added Oxyphyte™ White Tea Extract, resveratrol, and even 200% of the RDA of vitamin C to boost the immune system. In addition to these, Yoli TRUTH is filled with live, active, enzymes and probiotics.

The Yoli FUN™ contains a proprietary, patented ingredient called Alkalete™. Alkalete is a powerful acid-neutralizing, pH-balancing, and rapid-recovery ingredient that greatly reduces cramping, minimizes muscle stiffness, and assists in removing acidic waste.
YOLI'S Core Bottle(s)


The core bottles are elegantly designed in a 24 ounce container. You can blast two caps in it or add two scoops of the powder from the pouches.

Some of my clients, who bought the core bottles, combined the two servings of Truth and Fun into their core bottles. Several reported that this helped with their stomach problems by combining the two. They also liked the combination of adding both because of the probiotics and resveratrol in the Truth. Some even preferred the blend for their work outs. All of my clients consistently report they drink more fluids because of the YOLI beverages. Personally, I like the added benefits of the bulk pouches and consume more liquids as well. Adding this beautiful 24 ounce core bottle is certainly a plus factor. Once you see the beauty of the bottle it's trendy, "must have…"

Yoli's Alkalete Capsules - pH BALANCE - Key to Optimal Health

The Alkalete capsules contain patented Alkalete granules to help balance and manage the complex and critical acid/alkaline relationship in the human body and slow down the aging process itself. The alkalete is also in the YOLI Fun.

Alkalete™ is a very simple mineral product that is very complicated to make. In fact, the manufacturing process used to make it has eight patents. Alkalete™ is made up of three essential minerals: calcium, potassium, and magnesium, which are combined through Yoli's proprietary process to produce the most powerful body alkalizer on the market.

Alkalete™ is a very strong, yet very safe, alkalizing agent. In fact, Alkalete™ consists entirely of ingredients designated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). Alkalete™ received FDA recognition as a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI), a designation of product safety and uniformity. A proprietary manufacturing process uses the patented Exact Blending and Compounding ("EBC") equipment to produce the Alkalete™ granule. The granules have three properties:

1.Achieves a systemic alkaline balance in the body to improve healthy aging and athletic performance
2.Reduces the acidity of foods and beverages without damaging flavor
3.Increases absorbency of key nutrients

Whether you're an ordinary person with a hectic on-the-go-lifestyle, a weekend warrior, or a professional athlete, proper alkaline pH levels in the blood and tissues are paramount to health and performance.


Check this out; one man sprinkled the Alaklete granules, (pills), in his horses food. The next thing you know is there is a baby pony now. Nice, yes? Hence, another lady decides to try this for her cat. MMM that cat is now pregnant. Interesting, yes? Indeed, you can use the YOLI Fun Granules for animals and people! Oh, I must get a pocket kitty for sure and exactly experience that on animal! Whoda thunk it yes?

You will want to check out the "new" bulk pouches for the extra family savings. The new pouch is approximately $1.19 a serving when you use the 18 ounce Yoli bottle. My goodness the possibilities just keep getting better. 

My YOLI Testimony

Yoli is one of my great family companies. I am proud to be part of experiencing such grand products. I decided to use the Yoli products because of their safe bottles. Suffice to say, I am always concerned with supplements in unsafe plastic bottles. In addition, consumers trick us with bottled beverages that are pasteurized and hot filled. Hence, we lose the value of drinking healthy products with those processes, not to count the chemicals in the plastic bottles. Sigh...

The FUN product, I felt, was also great for my age/generation because it totally deals with your pH Balance and this helps you not to be acidic. Naturally saying it's for the young and, even animals as well. I am impressed with Yoli's business plan because they are consistent in introducing new products, along with the proper tools for educating my clients. I could not pass this up. In addition, the Yoli products, especially the Fun, has given me complete relief from achy pains due to a previous car injury. Oh that's not all! I went to my facial appointment and my esthetician asked what was I doing different. I wasn't doing anything different except taking my new product, YOLI. I had missed my last month's appointment with her and guess what? My skin looked better than before. Te he, did I like that! The results of taking the FUN product caused me to look and feel younger younger. Indeed, it helped my skin, hair and nails. What more could I ask?

Ohhh one more thing. (Fowey, I just can't end this blog.) Yoli beverages have zero calories, no sugar, and tastes good! Kids love it too! AND Yoli gives a percentage of their monies to planting trees. Anyhow, it's a go green company; important for me...

My AutoShip is HERE!

I just received the YOLI Fun bulk- pouch, instead of the blasts this time. Wow! That was a nice little savings, from YOLI. Perfect for Yoli events! The bulk is $129.00 for approximately 83 servings, (18 oz of water recommended dosage). Using the 18 ounce bottle I take the FUN product twice a day, at least. Now that would be a tad bit over 41 day supply and almost 69 cents a serving. Nice, yes? Last of all, my clients are having tremendous results with the YOLI. I am very happy for this! Please feel free to email or call me. Let's talk about your goals in nutrition and see what's best for you.

649 the B.I.B

Spell your business in a B.I.B; Business in A Box and save. Build and Expand your business box today for $649.00 and save $240.00. It's life to the body, it's home sweet home.

Disclaimer: Yoli products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Thank you for the time you took to read my blog. You will want to click on my YOLI website below. We would love to add you to our lovely family, albums and stories. Call me and we can discuss how to open your YOLI Fun…

Astari Waters
My Yoli website:
Buy Yoli retail here:

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