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My Instant Biz Will Change Your Life

Jan 8th 2011 at 5:21 AM

Traffic exchanges are the backbone of Internet Marketing.  Consider this, in the gold rush in the American west lots of folks rushed out there, grabbed whatever tools and supplies they could get in a hurry, and started searching for gold.  A few struck it rich.  Very few.  Most folks found dribs and drabs of gold dust; just enough to keep them searching and hoping.  And what else did these prospectors do?

They regularly went back for supplies.  So who became wealthy in a steady, predictable way?  The folks who supplied the gold hunters.  Just to be sure we're on track here, the prospectors are like the people who sign up on every new matrix or cycler or randomizer or "revolutionary system" that appears on the 'Net.  The suppliers are the owners of traffic exchanges.  I don't mean you should buy traffic exchange software.  Simply concentrate on building downlines in the top exchanges.  And upgrade in those exchanges as you can afford to.  Then you will share in the steady growth of wealth instead of frittering away your time and money chasing fool's gold.  There was real gold in the hills back then but there's only fool's gold in get rich quick schemes.

What if several strangers starting handing you IOU's for thousands of dollars apiece on the street?  Or offered to sell you an IOU for 7 dollars or 11 dollars and for an IOU for a lifetime income with no effort on your part?  You'd start looking for the quickest way out of town because those folks were acting crazy, right? So why should strangers on the Internet hand you money? They won't hand you money for nothing but they sure will take yours from you and keep it. Now that sounds a little more like the "real" world. The Internet is just an extension of the real world. You can find crooks there, but again like in the real world you will find honest folks just trying to get ahead.

And here's where it gets interesting. Those honest folks find it in their best interest to help others to get ahead. The better your downline does, the better you do. And the best way to accomplish that is through teamwork.  Here's what works for me:  My Instant Biz.  Upgrade in the traffic exchanges when you can afford to. Look for those magic words, random referrals, that speeds things up. Most importantly, ignore all matrix ads, biz ops, get rich quick schemes, you pay only once, make thousands your first month, cash gifting, pay it forward plans; in short, anything that sounds too good to be true. Remember the strangers handing you cash on the street? It ain't gonna happen. Not on the street and not on the 'Net.

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Mar 24th 2011 at 1:07 PM by royal77
The L team is a great team. I'll look into the 10K team also.

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