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My HYIP Programs 6/19/2013 Update

Jun 20th 2013 at 12:58 PM

It is hard to believe that it has been 3 months since I posted an update on how the (HYIP) High Yield Income Programs that I am currently invested in are doing, but it has been.  Unfortunately most of what I have to report is BAD news on the HYIP front.

Wealth4All- This program has again "failed" for the second time in six months.  The good news is the program owner did return my $76 that I had invested, back into my Wealth4All eWallet.  The BAD new is that they will not allow me to withdraw my money until sometime in September 2013 and they are charging me a $1.50 eWallet maintenance fee EVERY MONTH!!! This means that at this rate I will only have approx. $65.50 remaining in my eWallet account by September.  This has not made me very happy, but at least I should get some of my money back then.  I am not planning to re-invest into any more of of Danny Cianciulli's HYIP's in the future.  True his "heart" is in the right place, but it seems that all his programs (Wealth4All, Wealth4AllTeam, and Primus Hub) are poorly thought out and just designed to "fail".  And I just cannot continue to slowly lose money with them.

Felmina Alliance- The BAD new is this program surprisingly "failed" back on May 20th, 2013, making it one of the longest lasting HYIP programs ever.  I am sure that the FBI shut down of the Liberty Reserve payment processor, on May 23rd, 2013 (just 3 days later) had a lot to do with the disappearance of Felmina Alliance, as it was HEAVILY invested in the Liberty Reserve payment processor at the time.  The  good new (for me at least) was that I got out my original $50 investment, plus another $12 profit before it "failed".  

Uinvest- The good news is this program is still going and paying out, making it now my most stable, longest lasting, and profitable HYIP that I have every joined.  The BAD news is that Uinvest has STOPPED accepting any new USA affiliates as of April 2013,  and I can not blame them for this decision, as it seems that HEAVY HANDED USA government agency's are currently attacking and closing down HYIP programs (even ones in foreign countries).  Including the likes of both Liberty Reserve and Profit Sunshine.  Even MLM programs like GoFunPlaces have decided to abandoned all its USA affiliates.  The only good news is if you had joined Uinvest (like me) before this USA affiliate ban by Uinvest, you can still fund your account, earn money, and get withdraws from Uinvest, even as an USA affiliate.  I invested $200 back in Dec.2012 and have earned all my $200 "seed" back now.  So all my future Uinvest earnings are all profit now.  I am continuing to rate this HYIP as LOW RISK.

4FX Investment- The BAD new is that this program "failed" on May 15th, 2013.  This was not a complete surprise to me as I always consider this HYIP a HIGH RISK because of all the "lies" I found on their web site.  Knowing that it could "close down" at any time I still  invested $20 back in March 2013 hoping I could get my "seed" out before it closed down, but that was not the case as I lost my money.  This is another reason I kept my investment in this HYIP so low.

ProfitClicking- This HYIP has been my most disappointing one to date.  After joining Frederick Mann's HYIP JustBeenPaid and investing $200 back in May 2012, then riding out the switch to ProfitClicking in Oct. 2012, and now with the promises by Frederick Mann to fix the ProfitClicking program in May 2013.  And allow affiliates to be able to withdraw their past earnings, I had hopes of finally being able to withdraw my original $200 "seed" money.  But the BAD new is this was not the case.  I guess the great Frederick Mann's idea of fixing ProfitClicking was just to combine it with  his other "failed" HYIP programs (ClickPaid and AdSurfDaily), then rename it to Ad Click Xpress.  And how did he fix the ProfitClicking withdraw problem?  By taking everybody's past earnings and putting it into a account that can only be used to either purchase "worthless" banner advertising or combined with "new" investment money at a rate of 10% to 90% new money, so you can purchase even more Ad Panels (in other words to start all over again from scratch).  So I can now "kiss" my $721.52 earnings goodbye.  Sorry Frederick, but fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, and he will not fool me a third time.  So I will NOT be putting another dime into any Frederick Mann HYIP again, as he has proven to me that he is not much better than any other Internet "scammer".

As you can see my current list of HYIP programs is now down to just Uinvest, as I have not found any "good," stable looking HYIP programs that I am willing to invest in at this time.  Plus with the FBI shut down of the Liberty Reserve payment processor most good quality HYIP's have all but dried up.  I have been looking at Malaysion Inc, Silver Oz, and Vertex Finance but they all have to many "lies" on their web sites for me to even "trust" that they will be still be here in 30 days.  O-well, maybe the HYIP landscape will improve after the Liberty Reserve "disaster" dies down.

Your Friend,
Philip Reitcheck

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