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1 year ago

My Crazygood Story - How TNG landed in The Private Social Network

May 5th 2013 at 11:22 PM

Many people ask me just how I ended up here, and even more importantly to them - why am I still here. It's a good question to wonder about when one understands all that has happened with the Private Social Network, known as Crazygood, since it's inception in August of 2010. In August of 2013, it will be 3 years for me - and perhaps I have been here longer than Others expected me to be.

The fact that I say it in May of 2013, that I'll be with Crazygood in August - should also say something too. It 'should' tell you that I am committed; it may not tell you anything at all if you're not perceptive. If you are perceptive, then you're going to fully understand why I am so committed, in spite of all that has happened.

What all has happened you may be wondering?

Here's a quick summary of events. When it was brand new, it was incredible. People had never seen a social network that would pay them real money, for social networking, and yet - that is exactly what crazygood was doing.

To people using imfaceplate, or other social networks, many of them came out After crazygood - many of these networks seemed to barrow an idea, that was not even new for Crazygood; an Idea that seems to be working, and will be working for years to come.

However, users of imFaceplate may notice something similar to what Happend with Crazygood. When it was new, everyone liked it... till they saw something newer. In a way, it's that shiny object syndrome that several top leaders have been speaking about in videos and blogs as of late. Most don't seem to really know what shiny object syndrome looks like though.

There is nothing wrong with adding something new to our plates, but there is something wrong when we discard the shiny Object we were once, excited about. We are adults afterall, not children. Yet, so many of the adults in the world of business today do seem to behave much like children, who put one toy down for another - literally treating business like a hobby, instead of like a business.

The main reason people do this is, they don't really need the money.

But that's a topic for another time. Let me tell you what happened with Crazygood - after several people joined it, some of us started seeing 3 figure incomes and felt it would not be long till 4 figure per month incomes were being made; We could see the possibility of 5 figure incomes and more. However, the people that put Crazygood together meant to keep it super simple - So simple, that they offered absolutely No business training.

They didn't seem to want to invest in the actual website either. It's a little slow, not as user friendly as several other social networks, and for a time, most of the people on there were simply spamming their biz opp on other people's profiles; not focusing on networking, and making new friends. Yet, in spite of these issues, every single month, Crazygood pays.

My sponsor wasn't really all that supportive either. In fact, he commited a cardinal sin. He cross line recruited several of my leaders into Other Opportunities; this created friction in our team; and left me with a tough decision, to boot my Sponsor out of the facebook group I created, to lend help and business training for Crazygood to members of my team, who had none.

We were pretty successful too. Yet, much of our success was not translating to our teams. They struggled, often without trying very hard, and quit. So we decided our team needed more tools. We built them. We built systems and systems, and more systems. Yet our people failed to use them - Today, our mighty Crazygood team has dwindled down to a few, most who are simply paying for a membership they're not even using.

So why am I still here?

Because Crazygood is Still Paying.

Do you really think I need more of a reason than that?

Crazygood is not my main business; it never was. My main business is ME Inc. ... aka My BottomLine LLC. ... I am the CEO of my own corporation here in network marketing and my goal, like everyone's goal is, remains to build a Distribution Network. What better, than a social network to use to track the growth of a team?

That was my Thinking in 2010. That's still my thinking in 2013.

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