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My business is your business!

May 5th 2011 at 4:09 PM

This is intended as a helpful guide to anyone who is considering the possibilities of creating an extra income via operating their own online business opportunity.  My reason for writing this is to assist anyone new in avoiding the same traps that I fell into when starting out, the same pitfalls that prevent ordinary people from discovering extra-ordinary incomes.

I will not tell you that I have been in a dead-end job for the past 15 years, and am now miraculously earning a 6 figure income after discovering a new online system while reading a copy of my favourite paper one sunny morning last summer!

This type of 'story' abounds on the net, and that is all it is....a story. Designed to make you believe that creating 'wealth' online is effortless. If you do not believe the following statement absolutely, then all you will achieve is creating wealth for others online and nothing for yourself:

"There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme that works without any experience"

Great! We have got that one out the way! Now you can start to get used to the idea that creating any income online no matter how large or small is dependant on some factors:

1) Time
2) Creativity
3) Motivation
4) Persistence
5) Understanding
6) Skill

I have researched dozens of business opportunities, and never tire of seeking out the top performers, although I am also a firm believer in not actively promoting many different opportunities, there simply can be no benefit, this can be a difficult thing to convince a new marketer of! All you need is one opportunity which pays out top commissions to it's members, and does so with integrity, it needs to be time tested (ideally around the 2/3 year mark), and should provide valuable products/services to it's members or the public. The compensation plan needs to be arranged so that new marketers can 'break even' very quickly ie: without the need to refer dozens of affiliates. Spillover is a subject I really dislike because it is so often used to 'promote' programs which are not honest ones, and where it is used to mislead, but a genuine spillover rate can be invaluable to assist new marketers when they have difficulty promoting themselves - obviously spillover cannot be relied on alone in any business.

Your business is not a co-op business:

The co-op business is usually set up to assist the co-op owner to generate their own downline quicker. This isn't to say that all co-ops are bad, neither does it intend to suggest that all co-op owners have a selfish intent. But consider the reality of any business that is then 'franchised' out to members - it will work up to a point, but as time progresses and the same site is shown more and more across the Internet (as more affiliates join and promote), the 'freshness' of that site then dwindles. Another point is that the education process is also lost. In order to promote the opportunity as being 'easy to run' (in turn to make it attractive to new members), it has to become repetitive in other words every marketing method is shared by each member, every banner is identical, every site is identical, every e-mail ad is identical, every auto-responder series is identical, every text ad is identical, and every new idea is lost.

The worst effect of this is that after a time none of the members continue to try to promote the business, they move on to the next program because at the first sign of difficulty, the repetition in what they are doing will not convince them to continue. After all, it is not their business, it is someone elses.

To truly care about a business it has to be yours.

But it doesn't have to be difficult! If I still have your attention consider this, the 'opportunity' that is used to generate income should not be the business you promote. You need to educate the novice in how to create his or her own business, so that they can develop a brand new completely fresh site to attract new people. You need to educate in building a list of subscribers who will not feel that they are required to join a particular business or opportunity, rather they need to be guided in creating their own business, and (if needed) they can utilise the money pulling power of the opportunity that you are a part of by joining later on.

This way you are honest right from the very start by giving the impression you actually need to work in order to be successful (which incidentally is also true). What you can do instead of merely setting up a site and allowing the general use of marketing materials to be duplicated, is to provide good quality tools that teach, train and assist the new marketer to gain the skills required to market their business in an effective way.

You can also make your time available to each and every person who subscribes to discover how you make your success possible, so that they no longer feel alone.

Sean Ladyman

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