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My 4/4/2013 MLM Programs Update

Apr 4th 2013 at 7:31 PM

My 4/4/2013 MLM Programs Update

Here are how the MLM programs that I was either a member of in 2012 or I am currently in are doing as of April 4th, 2013.

WowWe- The program is still alive and growing after 3 years in business which is very good for a program these days.  I was in this program for 2 years, did make a little money with it, but just canceled by affiliate membership as of Jan. 2013.  Why you ask?  Because the only two products that I was using were the Conference and Video Email systems, and they changed the Conference system at the end of 2012 making it almost impossible for me to use with my BB webinars.   So since I could not use the Conference software anymore, I had no reason (other than the small affiliate commission I was making) to continue to pay the $20 per month to stay a affiliate.  Plus the Video Email system is 100% free for everybody.   Would I recommend the WowWe affiliate program to others.  YES, but only if you can use the products that you are purchasing from WowWe, as the market share for their Conference system is very limited, making it hard to sign up new referrals.

PeopleString- Stopped paying in March 2012 and was closed down my its new owners in Sept. 2012.  I paid in $600, earned $154.25, losing $445.75 total.  Now some people (mostly people you got in very early) did make some good money, but most who waited to upgrade during the RewardsString and Share-It-Up launches loss most of their money.  This is a perfect example of a MLM program that closed down not because of lack of money, but because the new owners did not like MLM programs.  I really liked the PeopleString personal web page and would have stayed an affiliate just to use this software alone, but that just shows you that even good, sound MLM program can disappear.

ZeekRewards- Was closed down by the SEC on August 17th, 2012.  I had approx. $1,000 invested and received nothing back (my first ZeekRewards withdraw for $700 was due on August 20th).   This was a unforeseen end to what I believed was a good MLM program and just shows you what happens when a MLM program is allowed to "run wild" with growth.  And I feel that the worst part of it all is that, I have heard, ZeekRewards have enough money in their bank accounts to be able to pay every affiliate their investment money back, but now with the SEC in involved I feel that most affiliates will ever see their money again.

Emmunize- Nice MLM program, been a affiliate since Sept. 2012 and I just went into profit in Jan. 2013.  This is one of those MLM programs that I would have joined even if it did not have an affiliate program or even if I had wasn't making any money from it.  Why?  Because it offers one of the best anti-virus programs that you can find anywhere, period, as it is "truly" a Cloud technology base anti-virus program.  And is 1/2 the cost of other Cloud base anti-virus programs.  Just ask any experienced computer tech about how good a true Cloud base anti-virus program really is and you will then know that this is not just me "hyping" this product.  This MLM program is designed for more advanced experienced marketers, as it does require a monthly investment and a lot of time in advanced marketing to get referrals.

JubiMax/JubiRev- Joined on March 5th, 2013 while it was still in pre-launch, and put in $150.  On April 1st, 2013 the program went LIVE with the first commission run and I received my first commission of  $9.54, plus now have 53.70 JubiPoints, 50.14 JubiBucks, and 15 MaxBucks.  The daily profit sharing on JubiPoints is expected to start on March 8th, 2013.  This program is for medium experience marketers, as it does require start up money, some advanced learning, and some daily time.  But I will go into JubiRev in more detail on a later blog post as it does take a lot more space to describe fully..

BannerBroker- Joined on April 17th, 2012 and put in $500.  As of today I have withdrawn $2,810.06, with a withdraw of $985 currently pending, and $1,189.05 in my eWallet that I could withdraw.  I have  grown my account from $420 at the beginning to now $27,360 in panel value.  But this program is only for more advanced experienced marketers as it requires start up money, is very complicated to learn, and need a lot of your time.  I will also go into BannerBroker in more detail on a later bog posting as it also take a lot more space to describe fully.

MyPIP CPA- (Also known as MyPIP Challenge) Joined on Jan. 19th, 2012 and have never invested any money into it.  I have received $410 from ZNZ Cash and $110 from TrialBux as of today, with two TrailBux deposits currently pending.  Nice MLM program that you can build with zero out of pocket money.  Plus it is a great little list builder as I have gotten 159 more members that I have been able to add to my main list, which is now over 1,055 members.  Good MLM program for a newer low experienced marketer as it is free, but it does require learning and needs more of your time to work it.

Free&Powerful- Another 100% free program that I joined on Dec. 10th, 2012 and have never invested any money into.  It includes the following income programs: the NetSpend program (which I have made $120 to date), the The Mindset Collection program, the Paycation Travel program, and the MCA program.  It is also a nice little list builder which has added another 52 members to my main list.  A good MLM program for a newbie that is looking for a program that does not cost anything and is easy to learn and only need a small amount of your time..

BigCrumbs- Another 100% free program that I has never cost me any money.  It is a online program that allows you get cash back on almost all your current online purchases, plus your referrals online purchases.  Have received $121.23 back since I joined back in April 2010.  It is a another good program for a newbie as it cost nothing, and is easy to promote to your friends and family.  I have my wife, daughter, son, and most of my friends as referrals now, as it is a program that not only saves/makes me money, but saves them money also.  Not a big money maker, but a very easy program that is easy to market.

I am also an affiliate of the following MLM programs, but have not made any money from them, except for the GetResponse program which I have made $339.18 from.  They include SFI and ViraDyne which are free to join.  And Paid4ZeroGetResponse, and ISORegister which I use for their marketing tools.  Now I am sure that these are all good MLM programs that I could make me good money with, if I would go out and market them strongly.  It is just that as you can see above, I am already marketing 6 other programs strongly and there are only so many hours that I have to market each day.

Another thing that you should notice from above is that I do not depend on just one program to earn money with.  This is a good plan for anybody who is wanting to making money online as you never know when a MLM program will either "fail" or "shut down"as you will find that even the best MLM programs will end in time and you do not want all your "eggs in one basket".  I will try and update you on how my current and any new MLM programs are doing in another 3 months.

Your Friend,
Philip Reitcheck

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