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My 2 Cents on Why Blogging Rules

May 14th 2011 at 2:53 PM

The benefits of blogging are numerous. Actually, considering the possibilities, it becomes unclear why people who are performing their best business ideas on the web would prefer a web site over a blog.

First of all, blogging permits you to produce a conversation. That’s Huge. By allowing comments, you’re able to engage your readers.

Additionally, in many cases you will discover that visitors return to monitor new comments on a given post. Depending on the popularity of a specific post, you may discover individuals returning to comment on other comments, thus making a lively debate and racking up page views.

Page views I might add, which are important if you ever plan on making cash from your weblog.

Secondly, blogging allows more freedom than having a web site. You can vary the topics on your blog as much as you wish, plus you can vary the length of your posts. There is no reason to bore your visitors with the same info day following day; blogs allow you to spice things up.

Plus you are able to fiddle with your writing style and approach from time to time and get away with it, while any changes in tone or style would immediately stand out like a sore thumb on a static website.

Thirdly, the most popular blogging platform – WordPress – permits for a multitude of plug-in’s with which you are able to add extra functionality to your weblog.

You are able to add anything from an online contact form to creating a custom site-map for search engines. Some plug-in’s will add visual changes, whilst other people will simply function behind the scenes to make your weblog more efficient.

Trust me this is uber cool when it comes to growing the usability and functionality of your website. And your visitors will love the results!

Fourthly, blogs possess an RSS (real time syndication) feed. As a result, each and every time you add new content, a number of services are notified of the update, resulting in attention from the search engines.

Additionally, this feed can be routed to your Facebook or Twitter account, allowing you to share your weblog updates on your status without even logging in. Visitors can subscribe to your RSS feed to stay updated on new content, or even subscribe to the comment’s RSS feed to follow new conversations.

Additionally, the structure of blogs make them search engine friendly by nature, which means it’s ten times easier to attract search traffic than it’s having a static website.

Lastly, the blogging platform makes it possible to alter the appearance and layout of your blog in seconds. No truly, seconds.

You can change the colors, the sizes and the layout of your sidebars by merely choosing a brand new theme (template set). This, together with adding plug-in’s, can be done from within the admin area of your weblog – some thing which isn’t possible with any other website built on any other platform.

Ease of use and convenience is – obviously – an essential factor for many individuals. Whilst it does take some time initially to set it up and install your preferred plug-in’s, etc, adding new content afterwards is as simple as pie.

The best part is which you can add all this new content, tweak a brand new appearance and install new plug-in’s, without any knowledge of FTP (file transfer protocol) or PHP (the coding language on which WordPress was written) required. Pure heaven for you techno-phobes available.

The WP platform is continuously becoming improved. Every couple of weeks you will find updates available for the platform itself, as well as frequent available updates for plug-in’s and themes.

Updates may be done in a couple of clicks from inside the admin area – something which again is just not possible together with your typical static website.

Thinking about all of the upsides, it is sometimes hard to see why anybody would still prefer to waste their time with the old school static sites anyway when having their best business ideas in sight.

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