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MVC Interview Questions And Answers | Receptix

Feb 27th 2020 at 2:28 AM

MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. It is an architectural model that distributes an application into three main legitimate components - Model, View, and Controller. Each of these architectural components is manufactured to manage selective development aspects of an application. MVC is mainly for designing and developing user interfaces. So if you have listed MVC as a skill in your resume, it is important to go through the most common MVC interview questions and answers.

Explain what Model-View-Controller represents in an MVC application?

In an MVC model,

  • Model- It embodies the application data domain. In other words, applications business logic is included within the model and is qualified for sustaining the data.

  • View- It represents the user interface with which the end-users interact. In short, all the user interface logic is enclosed within the VIEW.

  • Controller- Controller answers to user actions. Based on the user actions, the individual controller responds within the model and picks a view to render that which displays the user interface. Hence, the user data logic is included with-in the controller.

Mention some of the return types of controller action methods?

  • View Result

  • Javascript Result

  • Redirect Result

  • Json Result

  • Content Result

Mention all the advantages of MVC?

  • MVC separates your project into distinctive segments, which makes it easy for developers to work on.

  • It is easy for editing or changing some portions of your project that makes the project development and maintenance cost less.

  • MVC helps your project in being more systematic.

Describe the role of Presentation, Abstraction, as well as Control in MVC?

  • Presentation: Presentation is the visual description of a specific abstraction within the application.

  • Abstraction: Abstraction is the business domain functionality within the application.

  • Control: Control is a component that keeps the similarity between the abstraction within the system as well as their presentation to the user. In addition, it communicates with other controls within the system as well.

Demonstrate how routing is done in the MVC pattern?

Route Collection is an assortment of routes. Basically, it consists of registered routes in the application. The Register Routes method records the routes in this collection. A route represents a URL pattern and a handler to use if the request resembles the pattern. So the primary parameter to the Map Route method is the name of the route. The secondary parameter will be the model to which the URL matches. Lastly, the third parameter might be the default values for the placeholders if they are not defined.

Define what is a partial view in MVC?

Partial view in MVC executes a division of view content. It is important in decreasing code duplication. So in simple terms, the partial view allows administering a view within the parent view.

What are the two ways used to add constraints to a route?

The two methods to add constraints to a route are:

  • Using regular expressions

  • Using an object that executes IRouteConstraint Interface

What are the steps involved in the performance of an MVC project?

The steps for the execution of an MVC project includes the following:

  • Get the first request for the application

  • Implement routing

  • Formulate MVC request handler

  • Build Controller

  • Produce Controller

  • Request action

  • Provide Result

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