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Must Know Facts About Rabbits

Feb 11th 2015 at 1:16 AM

Rabbits need proper care to thrive, and like any pet, they come with a big responsibility. Being aware of these must-know facts about rabbits can help guarantee that your bunny will receive the best care.

Huggable and fluffy rabbits might seem fun to hold, but they actually prefer to stay on the ground, as it is where they feel most safe. It is best to play with and get to know your bunny on their level, but if you must pick them up, be very careful. Rabbits can frighten easily and kick so hard when scared that they can break their own back. Support your rabbit when you pick them up by placing one hand on their chest and another hand on their rump. If they are wriggling and squirming, they’re likely scared and trying to escape. Hold them securely so they feel safe and are less afraid.

Hay is the most important thing any rabbit needs, and they need constant access to it to stay strong, happy, and healthy. Chewing hay helps grind down a rabbit’s teeth, which typically can grow multiple inches in a year. Hay also helps a rabbit’s digestive system, since their stomachs are designed to digest grasses, and these creatures need all the fiber they can get.

Rabbits need lots of space to run, jump, and play around. If they’re kept in a small hutch or cage, they need to be allowed time out to run and play. When outdoors, make sure to keep bunnies in a fenced area as they can be very fast runners. It’s not unusual to see predatory birds begin circling if you take your rabbit outside, so watch them carefully.

Rabbits can get bored just like humans. They need toys and stimulation to help keep them entertained as they enjoy rolling, chewing, and playing. Since rabbits are such social animals, they really love companionship. They need lots of love and affection from their owners, or better yet, abuddy rabbit that they can play with and help groom.

With their thick coat of fur, rabbits can keep themselves fairly well insulated in the winter, but in the summer months, pet rabbitscannot escape the heat without some help. Make sure to keep your pet rabbit cool in the summer by keeping them out of the hot sun and providing lots of shade, or having a fan blowing on them.

Raising a healthy, happy rabbit is a big responsibility, but these cuddly creatures will reward you for years to come if you make sure to treat them right.

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Nancy has a deep love of animals and talks and writes about them regularly. She is a huge animal rights advocate. Read her thoughts at pet care blog.

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