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Sep 9th 2010 at 10:53 PM

May we call this an introduction?


Music has been in my life actively from my first instances of memory. By age 8 I was performing talent shows, and private parties. By age 14 I was in my first working band doing sock hops, coffee houses, and teen clubs with groups called “The shades of Soul” and “Utopia” playing covers from Grand Funk and Jimi Hendrix as well as slipping in a few originals.

“Utopia” (not to be confused with Todd Rundgren) “I think he picked up the name later in the 70’s”. “Club Utopia” was a bar on East Main St. in Columbus Ohio’s east side where our preceding generation hung out, you know the beatnik era of the early 60’s!

 At age 17 in 1972 I was a hippie wanna-bee; I went into the Marine Corps, was reduced to acoustic chord backings and saw very little electric until my return in 1974 when I joined the Mixed Breed Band as vocalist, rhythm guitarist and front man. My involvements in music presentations and recording studios have been commonplace over the past 30+ years. To go into detail would take a book and about 2 years of development which I may undertake one day in the near future “God willing”!


Everything has in no way been glitter and sparkle in fact some things along the way might be shocking to some, but then too understood by others. Once again those are some topics to come at a later date and time and those life topics, lessons and experiences brought me to this day where I can look back and see all the people and meaningful happenings and notice that others is what my life is truly all about.



I mean that’s why music took root in me in the first place. My need to communicate human interaction and soul connections would never be satisfied with conversation or words alone and the musical approach to touching and feeling from others started as an addiction and habit built brick by brick until it became “me” who I am today! Now it’s all about maintenance!


I recorded with Owl recording studios as well as Jack Casey’s Rome Recording where I gathered most of my knowledge in multi-tracking. I watched Jack go from an old 16-track skully in 1975 to 24-track Otari in 1985 and filled at least 5 master reels with him over those years.


I got my first 4 channel multi-track recorder from Yamaha in 1985 and never looked back except to say hello and give my props to predecessors! Now Jack and Joyce Casey are in memory and the lessons live in me. The truth is it’s been a rough bit, but it’s always worth it to me to pursue what I love no matter the cost because it’s just always been a part of me I’ve not had to function without!


It’s funny how I find myself in this K-9 project with thanks and regards to “Word man” (John). I recall my first pet named Blacky who was a very good friend I sometimes took for granted. I got him when I returned to the States in 1964 from France where I lived from 1957 up until that time. He was like my first buddy here in the USA and followed me everywhere but when I became a hipped teen I’d always send him back home in favor of hanging out with my new musician buddies. Nevertheless he was always there and faithfully waiting to see my face and be near me. It seemed he knew far more than my people did where my head and heart was and I could feel that from him. The last time I saw Blacky was in 1973 while I was home on leave. When I returned home in 1974 he was gone.


                     Blacky 1970             Leo 1971                  Leo 1972                 Leo 1974





 It’s the real things in life that inspire music in a guy like me and it happens on subtle plains of thought and reflection where our lives are no longer our own as we may have once thought, but rather belong to life itself and by this we are connected in all we do good and bad where nothing goes unseen or unfelt; where our friends are most often where we don’t notice outwardly, but are felt within; where our connection parallels us in an ultimate scenario that equates to what love springs from.


Phil Collins said it best; “Once the music reaches a certain point it’s not mine anymore it becomes ours”! Maybe not word for word but definitely to that exact effect! So I guess in essence all of this ties in together. You see; the music is from the heart; friends are from the heart, and the love of our K-9 friends is definitely a heartfelt experience. So those of you reading my words and understanding them must surely be from the heart. You took the time to do so and I’m just grateful to be a part of you no matter how small!







Lyrics to “My Friend”


How are you doing my friend?

So good to see you again

I’m glad the wind brought you my way


Truth is I’ve thought about you

And all the things we used to do

Sometimes I wish we could be young again


I wish we could do it all over again

You were really such a very special friend

I didn’t now it then, but then I didn’t know what I know now


How has your life been?

Cause I really wanna know

I’m looking hard for something that I can believe in


And when I look back at you

And all the things we learned together

I need you to know I feel like I’m missing my home


If we could just do it all over again

There’s so many different things I’d do

And I know in my heart there’d be things you’d do different too


There’s just so much going on

Some things are right some things are wrong

And I know we’ve been dealing with life as it goes


What I recall about you

Is how smooth you used to be

You really were a good friend to me


If we could do it all over again

There’s so many different things I’d do

And I know in my heart there’d be things you’d do different too


I wish we could do it all over again

You were really such a very special friend

I didn’t now it then, but then I didn’t know what I know now


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“My Friend” is the title cut from the new Leo Bowers album released 05/15/2010.

The song was written, recorded and performed by recording artist Leonard W. Bowers Jr. (Leo Bowers).


Copyright 2010

ISRC US-UH8-10-00007

BMI 11850354

ISWC T9049594607




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Dec 11th 2010 at 11:47 AM by deewest
Thank you for sharing.. Very heartfelt Article I love your new song I have subscribed to your You Tube and am following you on Twitter Your Twitter link here on IM Faceplate is not working You might want to check on this.. I have Tweeted Your Song “My Friend” Happy Holidays Best Wishes to Your Success Dee

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