Multi-layer wood flooring for installation to warm it

Jul 7th 2015 at 3:40 AM

Many families are generally put attention on how to buy a composite white boards no wood knots, installation and maintenance of neglect. In fact, want to extend the life of wood floors, the key still rely on the usual maintenance. That multi-layer solid wood flooring how maintenance? What is multi-layered solid wood floor maintenance should pay attention to? Multi-layer solid wood flooring how maintenance? Multi-layer wood floor maintenance should note the following: 1, to minimize sun exposure. 2, try not to wear high heels or shoes with long trampled dirt floor. 3, do not use acid, alkali solution to clean the dirt on the floor; a small amount of dirt can be hot water detergent to clean up local and rag remove detergent residue washed with water semi-dry.

4, multi-layer solid wood floor has some water, but not a long soak in water. If accidentally spilled a small amount of water on the floor, simply use a dry cloth to dry, let it dry naturally, do not need, nor can the drying temperature. Multi-storey wood floor maintenance daily cleaning with a mop or semi-dry broom to remove light surface dust; fine dust with a clean mop to clean and adsorbate semi-dry, not to use too wet mop, not to use soap, detergent water a large area to clean up the floor. A year with regular care nursing floor wax 2-3 times, you can get clean as new effects, but also can extend the life of the floor. Share the article you might be interested in: plastic wood composite garden arches maintenance of the most effective methods of laminate flooring maintenance measures which

Multilayer wood flooring is parquet one species, multi-layer wood flooring with good stability, good foot sense. Modern family, especially near the northern cities, will be installed at the home improvement to warm. That multi-storey wooden floor suitable for loading to warm it? Industry experts: Choose to warm the floor, should particularity base to determine the thermal heating methods: hot and cold repeatedly transform and adapt better thermal conduction. First, warm the floor first to the deformation is small; Second, to better thermal conductivity; Third, moisture resistance and waterproof. Wood floors are made from natural raw materials processing, it retains the natural texture and environmental advantages; however, because of its natural properties, wood flooring wood itself is not stable enough. If the household heating installation, the wood floor is not the best choice.

Strengthen the floor wear and corrosion resistance, tide waterproof, easy to install, easy to clean, etc., in the fast-paced life, more and more modern young family favorite. The thickness of the thickness of the laminate flooring and multilayer wood flooring similar, so the heat transfer performance are more suitable to warm the floor. Multi-layer solid wood flooring solid wood flooring not only retains the natural texture, comfortable features; at the same time, but also have to strengthen the floor wear-resistant, stable, water resistant to moisture, easy cleaning features. And multi-layer solid wood flooring, affordable, and diverse performance, cost is very high. Three kinds of flooring, [url=http://ecodeckprice.com/wpc-introduction/6441.html]dock plank material[/url] is best suited for floor heating installation.

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