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Motivation? Dedication? Patience? Comes with chips?

Jul 31st 2010 at 12:44 PM

 You just finished dinner. Tonight's subject, as usual, was the crappy job you still manage to put up with. Then you go sit on your sofa to watch your favorite tv show. It starts and you switch on your " vegetable mode", ready to absorbe anything that comes out of that screen:

- The drink whose ad you so loved, was so funny, really, you'll buy just because the ad made you laugh.

- That insurance company really has nice prices, better give them a call

- Oh, that movie looks awesome, you'll watch it for sure, so you can see more ads.

 You're being bombarded with advertisements which you won't be paid this case i prefer PTC, damit! And on the worst cases, some people actually pay over-priced SMSs, to vote on a participant, as if the tv station or the program producers really cared about who they think that should win...uh...c'mon, it's called HYPE...and i don't mean High Yeld programmes, i mean hype. TV advertising is very, very powerfull. They play with your will to be updated, actualized, informed...if you don't know what's the next big thing...or artist, as they call them might be considered an outdated person, with nothing to talk about with, and you don't want that, right?

 Who cares?

 The question is "who's the ignorant?". Knowledge has always been the key. Gossip is a deviation of knowledge, it's useless knowledge. And great minds take advantage of gossip, you guessed it, for money. For example, that TV station, with that very popular soap opera, that belong to the same corporation as that printing press...the one that prints that weekly magazine, with all the weekly shows and some hints on what is goin to happen next on that popular soap opera? You think it's just to tease your curiosity? Not just, you got also the "money making" factor. Add a radio station to that corporation and you got the DJs speaking about the episodes between musics. What knowledge does it give you again? How much have you earned from it?

 Sometimes is better to switch screens on your Skinner Box...or, as the Advertisers say: "Think outside the box".

 If you still work for an employer, have you ever thought on how much effort and dedication he/she puts into the company, for it to succeed, thus give you a job that you keep moaning about? Have you ever asked your employer what motivates him/her to learn how to make his business bigger, better, stronger? It might inspire you to do the same...Understand that he doesn't care if you stay or go. After all, there's the Human Resources department, right? That's what you are for them, a Human oil, corn, cotton. Either you play your employer game, which nowadays forces you to sign a truckload of sheets so you can't sue them if anything goes wrong. Health and Safety replaced good old Common-Sense...Basicly, you're saying that yes, it is your fault and you do that so you can have a roof over your head, food on the table and at least have electricity to watch your favorite show.

 "Knowledge is power, hide it well."

                                        Librarian, Warhammer 40k

 Why do you think that you have to pay to learn that WOOOWTHATMUCHOVERNIGHT? secret that you just read on a sales page, that is so easy that even my blind Granny can use, to generate thousands of dollars, affiliates, leads, sales....? Because that person has the knowldege and you don't. By you buying that secret, you're making your referrer's statements true, he does earn from that program, and if you don't, better go back to watch soap operas. Very, very few people think "wait, i can do the same this guy is doing...even better!". Most people's problem is that they don't...they get so imersed on the pitch that, inconsciently and while they're reading the last few lines, they're reaching for the wallet, ready to starve for a week but get that "product"...which 90% of the times is put aside  as soon as they see how many pages they'll have to read, just to put it into practice (or "this can wait, gotta watch today's episode"). Tsc, Tsc...though we thank you for your business. Please, come again!

  Remember that there's a real world, outside your room, that will eat up your time on Planet Earth, faster than you can say "Made my first mil online!". You won't get rich overnight, that's just the best selling ebook of all time. People are eager for fast results, but then they get disappointed when after 2 days they didn't made a dollar...awww. There's loads of free information out there, which you don't need to pay for, give your email or register on the website. Your most common error is to google for something and click the first results you see. After all, if they're on top from millions of results, they gotta be good. Must have everything you're looking for!

 Wrong, they're paying to be there. And for you to access that info, pay...either with cash or with your email, we'll send you some offers later, that you might either buy or affiliate with.We gotta have some return from what we paid for the position...of course that keywords also help, but that's for another time.

 Egipcians were pros at building pyramids. It's still a mystery how they built them but i'm 99.9% sure that they didn't start from the top...then again, they were pros...but i believe that without all the blocks used for the first layer, they couldn't have done it. To really make money online, you should start by the layer that will support everything else until you finally reach the top. The base layer is your new e-mail accounts, your payment processors, your link cloaker, the social networks you have a profile on, the blog where you put all your cloaked affiliates, a splash page to that blog. Then, on the second layer, you go for TE's, PTC's, SL's, affiliate networks and so on.

 It's essencial that you organize yourself if you're serious on making money online, you'll be joining loads of websites and loosing track of a program or forgetting a username/password ain't exactly a way of making money online. You need to motivate yourself with your goals and dreams, dedicate yourself to them and be patient, the pyramids weren't built overnight, were they?


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Apr 28th 2016 at 2:29 AM by MaxBlue7
Thank you for sharing this post. People always have two strings to bow: watch advertisements and spend money on them or set up their own businesses to produce such advertisements. How many people could have been successful if they had chosen the second way. We should learn how to manage time effectively. Watching "zombobox" is not what one should do achieve goal. Freelancer at, Max Blue.
Aug 18th 2010 at 3:03 PM by JohnnyKid
Big thankx, GT. Totally agree with you. It's sad to see people wasting their time wishing they could have their favourite TV stars lifestyle...and do nothing about it. Cheers for stoppin' by!
Aug 18th 2010 at 1:49 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, JohnnyKid: Entertaining and informative article. Thanks for posting it. I particularly liked the statement, "Think outside the box." In this case, we should DRAG ourselves away from the TV do some thinking on our own! LOL. Especially when it comes to home business income and making money online. :-)

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