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Most people do not fail because of a poor product or service

Jul 8th 2010 at 6:53 AM

From the course Basic Marketing Concepts at the Institute:

"Most people do not fail because of a poor product or service (there are exceptions), but because they do not know how to market. They do not know how to get people’s attention through all of the noise of daily life. They do not know how to stand out from their competition. That is because they are using the same tired advertising methods everyone else is using.

"What do most brick-and-mortar (off-line) marketers do? They hand out business cards, put flyers on cars, take out ads in community newspapers, ask for referrals, and put door hangers on my screen door. I get so much stuff hung on my door and mail box, I don’t even read them anymore. They all say about the same thing. Do business with me, because I’m better!! They go straight into the trash. They never give me a reason to WANT to contact them.

"The same is true with network marketers. They go to all the meetings. Make their lists (or buy leads). Shove all the great company produced literature at people about how great their products are compared to the competition. And with network marketing moving to the internet, the problem has gotten even bigger, because now everyone seems to be promoting a super special, secret system that will make you rich overnight!

"None of these methods will make you a ton of money for the long term.

"The Sales Equation

"A lot of people have trouble imagining themselves as salespeople. They can’t imagine themselves shoving a product in someone’s face and saying Buy This. That is not really what salesmanship is all about though. We are all salespeople. The teacher has to sell her way of teaching to her students. The employee has to sell his worth to his boss to get that raise. The parent has to sell discipline to the child. Every single day of our lives we are selling our viewpoints and way of thinking to others. Therefore, if being a salesman has a negative connotation in your mind, get rid of it. You are, whether you like it or not. It is how you go about it that makes the person."

Roger Pearson
The FireStar Institute

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Aug 23rd 2010 at 1:05 PM by ChuckBartok
I also Shared on Facebook and Twitter. When the entrepreneur understand their Job is to SERVE lives just seem to get better. The last sentence in the old US Jaycee creed says it best "...Service to Humanity is the best Work of Life" This advice has been applied to my ventures for over 5 Decades and those of many of my assocites
Jul 9th 2010 at 4:01 PM by zeus8894
By the way I shared this on Facebook and Twitter to give you some added promotion. Andy
Jul 9th 2010 at 4:00 PM by zeus8894
While the offline method's you mention work wonders. My personal experience is that the key faction in failure is a lack of passion. One surf in a Traffic Exchange will show you what I mean. Too many people jump into scammy offers with massive promises and themselves never really believe in the power of success the company has. The niche marketers tend to reach success faster choosing a product or set of products they use daily to promote. They love these products and the benefits, speak from personal experience and have this high stepping feel good air about them. Passion sells online or offline. Start first by loving what you do.

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