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I am Professional writer, editor and blogger,I really like to spend my full time to write new idea which i thing. I am online marketing expert and technology enthusiast. I has been using the internet since the days of Usenet and the AOL walled gardens. Away from the computer, I enjoys horse riding and fly fishing and traveling.
Saanvi Singh | saanvis2

Most Detailed Guide on Driving Traffic to Your Website

Sep 9th 2013 at 10:21 PM

Just like the success of advertising of any product is its availability in every outlet, a website is successful when it is able to drive traffic. Advertising is a means of conveying a message from a brand to create awareness and that precisely attracts people to its product. Although internet marketing is just like advertising on the internet, it has evolved many times from banners, pop up ads, e-mails to advertorials, blogs and being on top of search lists. Today, a successful website is the one that has achieved a place in the top ten links of a search lists. That requires making friends with search engines because they work like answer machines for all users.

Users want a single window solution to their needs and that has always been an ideal world for a market. The internet however is a separate world where the search engine really has become a single window solution for these users. Queries are used for answers and these answers are nothing but website links which have effectively made their place in search lists because they are most relevant as per search engine guidelines. To become a champion of search engines it is critical to understand how these search engines work. Although their system is evolving and improving with time, there are some basic principles that every webmaster should know.

  • How Search Engines Determine Importance

Search engines typically like to see importance in terms of popularity and that works like a single quick formula for all of their answers. This is probably why Wikipedia has earned its place to answer all the queries of a user. Importance is not determined manually by a team but it is all actually determined through continued use of customer satisfaction metrics employed by these search engines. These are careful mathematical algorithms that make a search engine a consistently improving system just like a learning A.I. One way to effectively be a winning part of these mathematical algorithms is by employing SEO.

  • Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a practice of internet marketing that is used to increase the popularity of a website. SEO practices include managing words in the website content and also managing links and back links to your site. This practice then allows search engines to understand your website better. This is not a trick to gain good mileage but a means to narrow down to the right target market so it works beneficially both ways. Since search engines are just a big mechanism, it cannot understand your website on its own, it needs help through SE. SEO consulting with top Search Engine Optimizer will certainly help you boost rankings and consequently get the market share the website owner needs. Good SEO means that your website is:

· Easy to navigate and understand

· Provides good access to required information

· Accessible to modern browsers

· Delivers high quality, legitimate and original content

Search engines still cannot understand text or images so well as humans do, but it is still using mechanisms to ensure that its users do not get illegitimate content.

  • Using Good Keywords


Keywords are important and are always the first bit of interaction a search engine gets from a user. These queries will directly link to your website if they match effectively. Unfortunately there are already numerous websites doing the same job, so your website needs to have as much optimization as possible in this area. Now it needs to be supported with other practices that support these keywords.

Social Networks

Search engines like those pages where people voluntarily ‘share’ using social media. If your content is shared on social networks, then you quickly gain rankings because that is a very effective tool for the search engine in detecting a good quality website.

  • Relevant Anchor Texts

Search engines like anchor texts that include keywords because they are easier to navigate. Most of the times users cannot recall the right keyword but if they use reference keywords then they will make an effort to browse through the website addresses, and that is where anchor texts create clarity for users.

  • Call to Action

If your website has transactional searches then those will immediately become hot favourites to search engines. If a user is willing to spend money via a website transactional link then that is a clear sign to a search engine that your website is highly relevant.

  • Frequent Updates

Successful websites and blogs are those that are frequently updated. Users like to revisit websites that are frequently updated with time and that eventually gets a place in search lists that is hard to lose. This is an on-going practice that is visible from all active blog pages and websites.

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