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2 years ago

More Than Most Imagine!

Apr 21st 2011 at 7:15 AM

Our attention spans are challenged!

We multi-task, attempt to be efficient and effective as often as possible.  In our efforts to do more we find ourselves talk (please NO texting) on the phone while driving, texting while having coffee with friends, surfing the web while watching a movie on cable.

When online we may have half a dozen open tabs in our browser while monitoring incoming e-mails and selecting something from our playlist that matches (our helps us set) our mood.

Hey, are you still with me?!  ;-)

Heck, just since I have been writing these thoughts I have updated program software, gotten a refill of the coffee cup, rewritten the opening sentences after my system decided to send my first thoughts into cyberspace ahead of me actually having saved a draft, opened up a word processor to capture a few more thoughts ... and that is just the last ten minutes or so!

Okay, I just saved what I have rewritten, so I know you will at least get to see those early musings!

Point is, we often do not allow ourselves to truly absorb information like we once did.  How often do you go back and reread something a second or third time?  When was the last time you sent information to someone else just to ask for their opinion?

I have certainly been guilty of thinking I knew enough about something to move on to something else when in fact I needed (and would greatly benefit) to know more.

That is what is now happening with one of my favorite programs, many have heard and seen just enough to feel like they know what it is and how to pigeon hole it.


And the half that "get it" are usually deciding to get on board just based on an aspect or two of the true substance of the program.  It is much more than initially meets the eye.  And it deserves genuine consideration.

Now, I understand that I cannot (and should not) attempt to dictate how you spend your time, yet you will thank me for nudging you to delve a little deeper into what is going on with this market shaping program.

Anyone that follows most anything that I have shared here knows at least something about this program, so all I am really asking is the you give enough conscious thought to it so that you can make a deliberate decision ... YES or NO ... and then feel confident that you can comfortably live with the consequences of your choice.

I suspect only a few of you have made it this far, so thank you for your time and attention!  YOU just may be rewarded beyond your wildest imaginings for staying focused!

Watch this very short (right at 5 minutes) overview and then take the time do what most will NOT do, get the additional insights offered from a true legend of our industry by watching his video: So Simple Some Miss It

Okay, after reading this article and taking the thirty minutes or so to view the two videos and put yourself in position to benefit from one of the true success stories in modern business ... this one is rewriting the book on how to capture market share ... THEN you can go back to whatever else you where doing because you will know that even if you just play away the rest of the day it has already been one of the most productive and potentially profitable days of your life!

Onward and upward,



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