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Money = Happiness?

Sep 30th 2010 at 3:25 AM
Money = Happiness?

What do you think- can money buy happiness?

My thoughts on this- Absolutely... if done the right way. 

I realize that was a pretty solid answer, so please allow me to elaborate. Consider it for a moment- what are your biggest worries? Financial insecurity? Job loss? Health concerns? Anxiety over what your future holds as well as the future of your family and loved ones? These feelings tend to take a toll on people over time, as you can imagine they would. Is that living, really? Should life be a constant struggle? Some may ask themselves, do I desire money or do I desire happiness? I say: they are not mutually exclusive. There is a harmonious relationship that exists here. When approached with a sense of balance, like anything else, one can live a life that contributes to an enormous sense of happiness both with and without money. The bottom line is this: how will you choose to create a meaningful life for yourself while gaining clarity on your priorities and staying in line with your values. Use your resources for the right purpose, and you will find happiness. 

Happiness is a very personal and internal experience, a sentiment, often the result of our life choices and experiences, and a state of mind that some folks spend their entire lives striving to attain. The key could be as simple as a mix of balance and clarity working together in harmony. For example, if you view money as a tool and a vehicle to put yourself in a better life position, you can become free to reflect upon and enjoy the beauty and joy that life has to offer. Imagine the doors that can open from such a positive state of mind- for yourself and for others around you.

Do I believe that the sentiment of happiness does or should have a price tag? Of course not. Do I believe that those without money cannot lead happy lives? No, by no stretch of the imagination do I believe that is the case. I know that many folks out there are very giving, generous, charitable people. I've spoken with you, I've met some of you, I have seen this first hand, and it's amazing. Consider the impact you have had on the lives of others being able to use money as a tool to help other people who may be less fortunate. Take charity for example, however you choose to extend yourself to help others, it is much easier and more plausible to do with money. Consider the freedom money can allow you both mentally and physically, the time you would have at your disposal to spend with your family, your loved ones, your community, and the moments in life that really matter.

Human beings are adaptable creatures; we succumb to the newest, shiniest, most expensive material things in the world and feel ‘happy’ for a short period of time. Thus, we often see the beginning of a vicious cycle where our feelings of 'happiness' dissipate as though they were never there in the first place. What I'm referring to here, however, is not about a competition of who can accumulate the most "stuff." What I'm referring to here is the life-long sense of contentment that comes from the experiences we choose to engage in as we live our lives. Imagine having the time and resources to be able to collectively deepen the bond you share with loved ones and grow closer to one another through these types of journeys. Times may get rough, but your memories will live on forever. The same applies to the bond that you share, the bond that you have fostered through these meaningful experiences. Consider alleviating some of the stress that weighs heavily on your shoulders and having the time to freely embrace the joy that surrounds you every day. What would you do with that time? My impression is- given the type of community we have here, your time would do the world a lot of good. Immeasurable good

To feel happiness, people need to experience things in life that make them feel good. Studies show that spending money on others, giving to others, and enriching the lives of others tends to make people happier. Can this be done without money? Of course it can. But it sure is a lot easier to do so with money. How would your life be different if you could simply be free to take in a deep relaxing breath feeling completely assured that your family is taken care of, you are relieved of your debts, and you are free to live your life to the fullest.

Using your resources to make the world a better place; that is living… really living. Enjoy it!

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Sep 30th 2010 at 8:08 AM by fredds
As much as I like money, my own personal opinion is that money is an important "something" and having lots of it can enable one to live a life free from material wants, however it would be a great mistake to think that money is "everything."

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