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Mobile Marketing –The Fastest Advertising Medium

Sep 18th 2010 at 5:24 PM

Mobile advertising has gained immense popularity in the recent past due to its wider reach out and low cost. The secret behind the hype about mobile marketing is that it has given a whole new meaning to the world of advertising by making it interactive and engaging. Most of the other mediums of advertising just create an impression on the audience and influence them towards taking an action. Mobile advertising on the other hand allows sellers and buyers to build a direct relationship by giving them a platform to be in touch directly. Mobile marketing is definitely the most powerful advertising tool so far.

Right from simple SMS marketing to high-tech Mobile Page linked ads and Mobile ad network has set up new marketing trend in the advertising industry. Today, almost every person owns a mobile phone as statistics show the number of mobile phones sold-out is much higher than televisions, Home PCs, Laptops, etc. Most of the cell phones available nowadays are equipped with hi-tech mobile applications and have facility of web browsing, and cable TV accessibility.   This automatically gives the mobile the power of other advertising podiums like Internet and TV and makes it a super powerful social media marketing medium. 

Mobile demographics have shown a huge rise in the demand of cell phones in the past few years and the number is on a constant rise. Anywhere and everywhere connectivity is also a great reason for mobile marketing trend. It allows the sellers to reach out to their customers even if they are at the Alps or any other part of the world. The innovation in the design and technology of mobile applications has increased the functionality of these gadgets so much that it has surpassed PCs. These days’ cell phones have become an important part of every person’s life.

Most of the big brands in the corporate world are taking advantage of the Mobile advertising strategy to spread out their promotional messages to their consumers. Promotional SMS marketing allows them to gain huge publicity in just a fraction of second by getting in touch with millions of mobile users directly. Televisions and computers have become the devices of bygone eras; mobiles are the latest inn thing with their hi-end functionality. Mobile marketing has got back the trend of direct selling by giving it an edge of technology and speed.

Social media marketing is another popular form of Mobile advertising; it allows the website owners to increase targeted traffic to their websites.  There are a number of Social media marketing networks that provide this facility Social media marketing helps to leverage internet marketing campaigns by combining it with the power of mobile marketing. For more info on Mobile Marketing and Social media marketing, browse through: Mobile Monopoly

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Sep 29th 2010 at 10:38 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Geoff: Interesting read on mobile marketing. Thanks for the post. :-)

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